How Does Youtube Work In 2022? The Youtube Algorithm Guide

How does Youtube work

It can be said that Youtube is one of the world’s most famous video creation platforms. Although it was established more than fifteen years ago, its attraction has never decreased. 

So, how does Youtube work? How has it improved over the years? And you want to develop the content of your Youtube channel. Let’s find out with us.

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How does Youtube work in 2022?

What is Youtube?

Today, YouTube is one of the most famous and free services globally. It is a service that specializes in providing videos to users. 

They can easily manipulate this service like view, comment, or share. More specifically, people can access it from many different devices such as personal computers, mobile phones, or tablets.

How does Youtube work

History Of The Youtube Algorithm

2005 – 2011: Optimizing For Clicks & Views

This is the stage where Youtube ranks videos based on total views. Videos will be suggested to viewers when the video has been viewed many times before, whatever the video content. However, this type of algorithm may not be accurate.

Many people use clickbait to increase their clicks. To increase the number of views, they refresh the page repeatedly.

2012: Optimizing For Watch Time

Youtube wants to improve the video quality at this stage, so it once again changed the algorithm. The system is adjusted to track the total time spent watching each video and the total time spent on YouTube.

The more interesting a video is, the longer viewers will watch it. This motivates video-makers to make their videos not too long so that viewers can watch the entire video.

Instead, some people make their videos longer to increase the time watching the videos. However, Youtube is more in favor of the first method and has changed its way of operating.

2015-2016: “Deep Learning” For Recommendations

In early 2015, users could publish their videos. Additionally, the “end cards” and “info cards” allow them to mention the videos via the top notification. This was also when the 360-degree video appeared for the first time.

In mid-2015, Youtube launched “Youtube Gaming” in both web and mobile user interfaces. At the same time, the view display parameter is also changed. Instead of just 301 turns, the statscan change after removing the “counterfeit views” and increase continuously.

In early 2016, users could live stream 360-degree videos of special resolutions up to 60 fps and 1440p.

In mid-2016, the algorithm researchers here began testing the desktop web interface. It designs based on the “Polymer” framework and the “material design” language.

At the end of 2016, the outstanding feature “heart” appeared. Also, clip makers can pin their comments under their videos. They can also review the progress of their previous videos through the progress bar on the bottom edge.

2016 – Present: Removal Of “Borderline Content”

In 2016, Youtube used a white paper to explain the algorithm to recommend videos. Thanks to “deep learning”, it can track viewer satisfaction and history and personalize recommendations.

The way these algorithms work is summarized as follows. Youtube will develop a list of suggested videos through video viewing history.

 Then, based on the relevance and factors such as views, the length of the videos will have different scores and be displayed on the “ranking” channel for users to choose from.

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How does the Youtube algorithm work?

To answer the question: “How does Youtube algorithm?” we will refer to three related parts or discovery systems. Or you wonder if this algorithm has any impact on promote your Youtube channel.

One is searching for videos on the homepage, the other is sorting the search results, and the third is selecting recommended videos for subsequent views.

Youtube Determines The Algorithm

Let’s first learn about how Youtube defines its algorithm. Youtube will decide which videos viewers should watch based on the following three types of factors. In other words, it’s the criteria that affect the views of a video. 

The first factor is the history and preferences of the viewer. The second is the success of a video through audience engagement and satisfaction. And finally, there are equally important external factors, including the topic of interest, competition, or seasonality.

How does the Youtube algorithm work?

Search Algorithm

Youtube is also a search engine, not simply a video viewing platform, so knowing better about SEO also helps your videos get more popular. For your video to rank in the top positions in search, pay attention to these two things. 

The first is keywords. They are words that you often use in the metadata of videos. The second is performance. These include watch time, click-through rates, survey responses, or likes. 

After Youtube’s algorithm determines what a video is based on a keyword, it determines whether the hypothesis is correct or not. It will show up through the search results. That’s why videos that satisfy people’s needs will increase SERPs and show more viewers.

Homepage Algorithm

The Youtube homepage will display a lot of videos that you might enjoy watching, based on the following two ranking signals.

How does Youtube views work? The first is performance metrics like average view duration, click-through rate, dislikes, likes, viewership surveys, and average view percentage. 

When a video is uploaded, the algorithm displays it on the homepage of some users. If they click multiple times, share a lot, or like them, the video will appear on more viewers’ homepages.

The second is that through viewing history, the algorithm will determine the relevant personal preferences of a person. From there, the videos will be made available to them. Similar channels will be suggested in a specific channel or a certain topic.

Suggested Video Algorithm

For the next recommended videos for a viewer, YouTube looks through what that person watched today. And it will provide options on the right side of the desktop site interface or at the bottom of the mobile interface. 

The algorithm here will also recommend videos related to the topic being watched, videos that have been watched before or watched together.

How does Youtube uploading work?

Next, we will answer the question, “How does Youtube channel work?

The video uploads through the receiving device, converting to an IP packet. These packages are the video’s data information, and the video sending address is Youtube. 

Through cellular or wifi, they encode into a route signal. They then pass through switches and routers and to a server in YouTube. This process is fast or slow depending on the Internet sharing device, router, or wifi signals. 

Next, the software “Bigtable” to store the video. This software belongs to Google, and it can store up to 500 hours of video uploaded per minute.

How does Youtube uploading work

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7 Ways to improve your organic reach on Youtube

It can be said that the YouTube algorithm always follows the audience. Above, we also found the answer to the question: How do Youtube views work? Therefore, if you want your Youtube channel to grow more and reach more viewers, read on for the following seven tips.

Do your keyword research

Your keywords should be concise. Youtube’s algorithms will return the video results that others want to see without human impact. This is almost like when you blog or post a post on your website and always choose a title to attract more people to read. 

This keyword can appear in the filename, title, description, or script. However, the keywords you create do not need to appear in tags.

Make people irresistible to click on your thumbnails

To increase the attraction of the videos on your channel, a thumbnail is a part you should not ignore. Your thumbnails should be as relevant and consistent in a series on a certain topic as your face. The more impressive and witty the image, the higher the appeal. 

Also, the video title should be catchy, and the first sentence in the description should be as interesting as possible as it will show up in the search.

Making a video series

As we mentioned above, creating a series of videos on a certain topic is not a bad idea. A series about cooking or traveling and songs that you cover in different styles are all very creative ideas. 

You can post clips one after another so that viewers are excited to wait and look forward to seeing the next clips. 

To achieve a comprehensive channel system that grows and powers these series, you should create separate lists for each topic, flag, or create CTAs that lead to related videos.

Cross-Promoting on social media

The YouTube algorithm can still determine video views from external sources such as cross-promotion in the media you use, or your YouTube promotion subscribers. In addition, external blogs or working partners from other brands can help increase subscribers and viewers.

Overall, this is one of the methods most YouTubers use. The algorithm will recognize and appreciate the more people reach, no matter what website they click and watch your video from. That’s why you see a lot of Youtube links promoting products embedded into websites or blogs.

Engage with comments and other Youtube channels

Another method through collaboration is to interact with the viewers of your videos. They are almost your customers. Therefore you must improve and expand these relationships. 

Most channels where the channel owner is close to the viewer will usually be more attractive than the celebrity. In particular, Hootsuite is a pretty famous tool for you to interact well with your online community.

Prioritizes satisfaction for each user

The Youtube algorithm always appreciates the satisfaction of the viewers for the videos. It researches and collects information on this index to rank innovative products worldwide. 

Make sure you understand what the audience likes to watch at any given time. It would help if you were also mindful of how often you post clips to ensure they don’t find themselves waiting too long or overwhelmed with your creative work. 

Interacting with the comments above also helps you better understand your customers’ needs. They can be important people who contribute to improving the quality of your brainchild.

Evolve by experimenting

If you are stuck with ideas after a series of videos on an old topic, experiment with a new topic that follows current trends. As mentioned above, you should update what viewers like to see. Google Trends is an effective tool. You can know the keywords most users follow these days.

Do not hesitate to try a new topic through these keywords, refresh your channel, create a little highlight, and not be behind the times. Even if it’s a bad video, it can’t affect your channel quality ranking with your previous impressive clip series.

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Hopefully, after reading this article, you have found a detailed answer to the question “How does Youtube work?”. Its algorithm is always developed to keep up with the times, and above all, it is always geared towards the quality of the content and the needs of the viewers.

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