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AdsCanHelp is organic YouTube promotion services. Google has recognized us as a Partner with extensive experience in video advertising through Google Ads

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AdsCanHelp is organic YouTube promotion services that has been certified by Google as an experienced Partner in the field of video advertising through Google Ads.


Our expert team will help you optimize your channel ads campaign quickly. That is the reason why your advertising budget will be used more effectively.


AdsCanHelp has service packages suitable for both businesses and individual YouTubers. We'll help you promote your videos to the right potential audience

Easy To Use

If you are a newbie, don't worry, because our website is optimally designed so everyone can use it. You can set up a campaign to promote your channel and videos with just a few simple steps.

YouTube Promotion Services

If your goal includes the three elements below, then "Ads Can Help" is totally for you!

Quickly inrease YouTube channel growth

The fierce competition among YouTubers is no longer the future, it is the present. Even a great video takes a long time if you let it distribute to potential audiences on its own, but promoting the video through YouTube Ads can accelerate growth.

Take video to the right audience

Just give us some ideas regarding the audience you'd like to target or we'll set our own based on your video content. Then we'll do the rest of the work to get the video in front of them quickly.

Get big results with an optimzed budget

After years of experience in Google Advertising, we've learned how to effectively reach your potential audience with small to large budgets.

Youtube Anzeigenformate

Features YouTube Ads Promotion

Real Views & Subscribers

Our primary goal is to get you real YouTube views. Because we use Google Ads, all your interactions, subscribers are real, they are true fans of your channel. Bots and click farms are a no-no!

Ideal Audience

Our team of experts has successfully implemented many campaigns so you can be assured that the advertising campaign that Adscanhelp provides is the most appropriate and cost-effective. We don't just sell services, we sell knowledge!

Fit With All Budget

Funding is always something that businesses and innovators consider. However, don't worry too much because of the small budget, we will optimize your budget to get the best results from your promotion campaign

Real-Time Analytics

Our real-time analytics dashboard will make it easy for you to check the YouTube ad views, subscribers, and engagement our campaigns bring to your channel. It is very convenient.

Campaign Optimization

When we run YouTube video ad campaigns, we'll automatically filter out "low engagement" viewers (eg:. kids using on a parent's device) to maximize your budget.

Prompt Ad Delivery

It only takes 3 minutes to set up your campaign on our system. The results will appear in YouTube Studio or the Real-time Analytics Dashboard on our website within 36 hours.

Best YouTube Video Promotion Services

Are you a content creator on YouTube? YouTube views promotion services ensure that your videos reach thousands of your target audience. You can grow your YouTube channel, business brand or present your talent to the world with organic views and subscribers.

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YouTube Channels Promotion Services

With AdsCanHelp’s YouTube Promotion services, no matter the type of channel, we’ll help promote your video with YouTube promotion packages. You can advertise your YouTube channel and help it get more views, like, subscribers. AdsCanHelp offers the safest way to advertise a YouTube channel using AdWords.

Musicians & Bands
Health & Beauty
App (IOS and Android)
Families & Couples
Book & Authors
TV & Movies

How To Promotion On YouTube

Explore the 3 super easy steps you can take to create a subscriber-focused Google Ads campaign. AdsCanHelp will help you promote your video to YouTubers who are watching videos on the same topic as your video.

How does YouTube promotion work?

1. Share with us who will see your video ads

Let us know the keywords that describe your YouTube videos and the names of similar YouTube channels. We will rely on that to create Targeted YouTube Ads.

2. The highly targeted YouTube Ads we will attract the audience

When using our YouTube Promote service, your videos will reach the right YouTubers you are looking for or subscribers to channels with similar topics.

3. Promote videos that bring real views and subscribers on YouTube

Promoting videos on YouTube helps increase views and engagement, but also helps build a real fan community (subscribers) for your channel.

How much YouTube cost for promotion

YouTube ads can deliver great results, but many businesses and creators need more marketing budgets. They think spending money on a promotional video is wasteful and the price is more expensive than running ads. Is that true? Let’s calculate together!

  • The average YouTube cost-per-view (CPV) is $0.010–$0.030, depending on ad format, location, and industry.
  • For 1000 views targeted countries and audience: It will cost you about $30 to run ads. As for the YouTube advertising service, you only need to spend about $20.

How to pay for YouTube promotion

We have 2 payment methods for you: PayPal or credit card if you have enough funds.

How To Promote YouTube Channel For Free

Creating a detailed, thorough promote YouTube video free is a standard method on this platform. However, it will take you quite a while to implement, you also need to consider social media management and online advertising.

Increase YouTube views free from YouTube video promotion

You should refer to AdsCanHelp’s YouTube promotion service to save time and avoid waiting too long to build a channel. Our service is extremely secure and easy to use. You can increase real views, subscribers, likes and comments for videos on your YouTube channel.

Increasing metrics like views, likes, subscribers and comments will give you the following benefits:

  • Your YouTube channel is expanded
  • Help YouTube choose your videos to promote
  • Help brands recognize you and possibly sign you
  • Increase your followers and fans

Get free YouTube subscribers to YouTube channel promotion

Buying YouTube subscribers is a sound investment to promote your video and channel. However, if your channel is new, consider purchasing a small number of subscribers and gradually increasing it. This helps your channel to have a stable and natural growth, avoiding unnecessary risks. 

Get more free YouTube likes with YouTube Promotion

YouTube likes are extremely important to getting you noticed on the platform. They are a direct measure of how many people appreciate your content.

Increasing the number of likes on YouTube videos will help attract other natural viewers to your videos. If everything works perfectly, it might even get you noticed by YouTube’s algorithm. If this happens, you can access the homepage of the website. Watch all trending videos on YouTube; they got a lot of likes.

If everything works perfectly, you will likely be noticed by YouTube’s algorithm and put your video in the top trending videos on favorites.

If you want to get more likes on YouTube, consider doing the following:

  • Build your personal brand and videos across all social media platforms
  • Go live on YouTube Live to get more attention
  • Regular content production
  • Receive audience feedback and improve the quality of your content

These will help garner more likes for your videos, but getting the desired results can take quite a while. If you want to increase the likes of your videos and channels quickly, you need to check out AdsCanHelp’s advertising packages. We will help you realize your wishes in a short period.

Make YouTube video go viral

Buying views from bots on YouTube was a popular strategy, but it’s no longer working. Because YouTube’s algorithm detected spam, bots and sorted trending and trending videos on their homepage. Over time, they get better at determining who the bot is and which videos get the most likes and subscribers.

Modern YouTube promotion services like AdsCanHelp provide real users to give you likes, comments and subscribers. These real users will not adversely affect the algorithm. On the contrary, they will help your video attract the platform. Maybe one day you will find your video in the top trending video because YouTube chose it as the popular or trending video of the day.

Note: Buying views from bots is against YouTube’s rules. You risk getting banned if you are found using this method. Use real views from legitimate ad handlers.

FAQ on YouTube Video Promotion Services

Organic YouTube promotion services use Google Adwords (also known as YouTube Ads) to promote your YouTube channel to your target audience. This form helps you increase views, increase engagement, REAL subscribers. Make sure that no interactions from fake users affect your channel.

That’s right. AdsCanHelp is a partner of Google. We are part of the Google Partner Accelerator Program. We only use Google Ads to promote your channel. It’s the only option to advertise directly on YouTube. Our legal advertising service does not violate YouTube’s terms of service.

Adscanhelp is a “paradise” for those looking to increase YouTube views. We’ve run campaigns for thousands of businesses, large and small and content creators on YouTube.

100% real views on YouTube

Our motto is to say no to bots or fake views! We only use YouTube ads to promote your channel – This is YouTube’s only sponsored way of advertising. You can check all views through your own YouTube Creator Studio Analytics.

High quality views

At Adscanhelp, you can choose the target audience you want them to watch your videos with. It is through targeted audience advertising that we help YouTube users and startups promote their YouTube channel, promote YouTube videos, and gain high-quality views through video ads , using YouTube ads.

Best price in the market

For just $49 you can get started with our YouTube promotion service. In addition, you also get an offer that provides you with free new subscribers, likes, and comments.