Privacy Policy

1. Information we collect and how we use it

AdsCanHelp cannot deliver the most satisfactory services unless specific information about you is collected. We ensure that we only gather the required data to operate your account and conduct your marketing.

The following is a list of the data we gather about you, your devices, and your videos.

1.1 We gather the following information when you register an account.

1.1.1 Your email address that will be used for logging in at Ads Can Help. We also will use this email address to contact you if you wish so.

1.1.2 Your IP address will be used to determine your location and safeguard your account in the future.

1.1.3 Your IP address determines your location. It enables us to offer you the best support.

1.1.4 The timezone of your device, so that we can display the correct time in our reports.

1.1.5 The language preferences of your device to show you Ads Can Help in the right language.

1.1.6 We obtain your id number, name, email address, and profile image if you join us using your social networking account.

1.2 When you use our products or services

1.2.1 When you create a campaign, we keep the URLs of the videos you’ve entered as well as the URL of the YouTube channel you’ve entered or located using the URL of the video. We gather public information about your video channel (URL, subscriber count) as well as public information about the video you wish to promote (its title, number of views, likes, dislikes, comments, the length of the video). We also gather all of the information you supplied during the promotion’s development.

1.2.2 When your promotion is live, we gather the most recent information about your video and channel (number of views, subscribers, likes, dislikes, comments). We also collect data on the effectiveness of your promotion.

1.2.3 We also keep track of the information you provide us via support chat conversations or emails. For instance, your new email address, name, address, VAT number, or any other information you’d like to provide.

1.2.4 We keep the photographs you submit to us through the support chat.

1.2.5 To protect you from fraudulent actions, we keep the IP address of your most recent visit. It will be removed upon your next visit.

1.2.6 We also gather information about your Google Analytics account if you choose to link it to our account so that we can collect updated information about your channel.

1.2.7 If you connect your social network profile to your Ads Can Help account, we keep the information. It will make the login procedure more pleasant. You may withdraw the permission on your dashboard at any time.

1.3 If you pay for our services

Our partners, well-known global payment processors, process your payments.

1.3.1 We collect and keep the following information about you from them:

– Your name, or the name you gave the payment processor; – Your address, or the address you gave the payment processor.

This information is used to generate accurate invoices for your payments. We make no other use of this information.

1.3.2 We also have access to the following information: – Your PayPal email address; – Several credit card digits.

1.3.3 Ads Can Help gather extra payment information:
– The amount of money paid;
– The date and time of payment;
– The mode of payment. For instance, PayPal or a credit card.

1.4 Additional methods and motives for data collection

1.4.1 We utilize part of the information mentioned above to protect ourselves from fraudulent actions.
1.4.2 We also gather the information you provide us via comments, email, or Live Chat (Support chat).
1.4.3 Your information may be used to help law enforcement.

1.5 We can also track your activity on the site to understand how you use Ads Can Help. It enables us to enhance our system and create new services for you.

2. Additional information collected and how it is used:

2.1 As indicated in section 2.2 of this Privacy Policy, we gather information about your YouTube channels and content.

2.2 As indicated in section 2.3 of this Privacy Policy, we obtain information about your name and address from our third-party payment processor.

2.3 Some portions of our website may incorporate social networking features, such as the Facebook “like” button, as well as widgets, such as the “share this” button. A third party hosts these social networking functionalities. Their privacy rules govern the information collected by these tools when you use them.

2.4 To learn about your choices for limiting the information available to us, go to the privacy settings of your third-party accounts.

2.5 You can discover more about Google’s privacy policies here: Google Privacy & Terms.

2.6 You can discover more about Chatra’s privacy policies here: Chatra – Privacy Policies. Chatra serves as our Live Chat (Support Chat) service.

3. How we share, keep, and safeguard your data

3.1 We do not disclose the information you provided to us to anyone else without your permission.

3.2 The information is securely held on our servers in the EU. We adhere to robust security protocols while storing and disclosing your personal information and protecting it from accidental loss, destruction, or damage. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology is used to safeguard the information you send to us. SSL is the industry standard way of encrypting personal information and credit card information to be safely transmitted over the Internet.

3.3 Your data is only accessible to our staff and software engineers. And only to the data required for their task. Your support manager, for example, will have access to your contact information, such as your email address and a list of your films.

3.4 We only preserve your personal information for as long as it is required for legitimate business purposes. When you delete your account, we destroy or anonymize your data.

4. Your legal rights

4.1 Erasure of your information. You may always cancel your account and delete all information we have on file for you on Ads Can Help. It is possible to do so on the settings page of your Ads Can Help dashboard.

4.2 Go over and change your information. You may obtain a copy of your personal information by email or using live chat. If you no longer have access to the Ads Can Help dashboard, please email Before we can respond to such inquiries, we may need you to confirm identification.

4.3 You have the right to opt-out of receiving marketing messages from us at any time. You can exercise this right by clicking “unsubscribe” in the marketing communications we send you or by changing your choices in your Ads Can Help dashboard.

4.4 You can deny us access to your YouTube data at any time by visiting the Google Security Settings page.

5. Cookies

Ads Can Help sends a little bit of text to a visitor’s browser in the form of a cookie. When this visitor returns, the browser sends this text to the original Web site. A “permanent” cookie may be used to preserve your preferences and customizations between site visits. Also, if you log in to your account, a cookie will be used to recognize you as a genuine user, so you won’t have to log in every time you visit the Ads Can Help website. Most Web browsers are set to allow cookies by default, but you can modify this option so that your browser either denies all cookies or notifies you when one is sent. You may also erase any existing cookies at any moment. Remember that when cookies are deleted or erased, several parts of Ads Can Help may not operate effectively. For more information about cookies and how to prevent them from being installed, go to

6. Children’s privacy

We do not permit users under the age of 18 to use Ads Can Help and promote their videos with us. It means we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under the age of 18.

7. Changes to Privacy Policy

This policy may change over time.

8. How to contact us

By email: