Why Did My YouTube Views Go Down – Tips to Increase Views

Have you ever wondered why did my YouTube views go down? Previously your YouTube views and subscribers increased and you were satisfied with your content strategy. However, lately you are getting less views on your YouTube videos than before, you want to look for the cause and solution. So this article will help you answer that question and tips to increase views on YouTube.

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1. Why are my views going down on YouTube

Although you may be creating and publishing more videos, you are suddenly getting fewer views on average. There can be a number of reasons why YouTube views dropped and even your views count goes down for unexplained reasons. If you are doing all the right things and continuing to improve your content and your storytelling, YouTube will eventually reward you.

1.1 YouTube Policy Changes

Policy changes from YouTube can be a huge impact on your channel, that is how did my youtube views go down. According to YouTube’s new rules, if you create a video for a target audience under the age of 13, you must declare it.

And when you do, which means people can not comment on those videos, notifications will go to your subscribers about those videos. Then you make less revenue because you can not use them. Furthermore, ads are targeted at those videos.

why did my YouTube views go down
YouTube policy changes

YouTube always adjusts its policies, especially the “Community Guidelines”. It will have an impact on how your videos are shared on YouTube and how the algorithm processes your content. As a creator, you need to stay up to date with YouTube’s policies and guidelines. Make sure you subscribe to the YouTube blog and just check in on any guidelines YouTube shares with you on a regular basis.

1.2 Changes in the YouTube algorithm

YouTube is constantly changing, updating, or adjusting its YouTube algorithms to help viewers find the content they want to watch. It is trying to create an environment where people stay on YouTube as long as possible, and they do that by providing more content that viewers want to see.

There is no doubt that algorithm changes on YouTube will have an adverse effect on some channels. However, those same algorithm changes will have positive implications for your channel.

why did my YouTube views go down
Changes in YouTube algorithm

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1.3 Changed your video content

If your audience isn’t interested in your content anymore, it’s time to change it. You will have to research all the previous content you do, see what the audience thinks, … this will help you a lot. You can find opportunities to do those tricks and tips.

Your new subscribers are also looking for the latest content, and they’re doing the same research as yours. Besides that, you should continue to provide value in every video, whenever you can and you’ll go a long way.

why are my views going down on YouTube
Changed your video content

1.4 Changed upload schedule

In the addition, if you notice a drop in your YouTube video views, you may have that problem due to a change in your upload schedule. Sometimes, a drop in viewership can be caused by a decrease in upload frequency. If this is the reason “why did my YouTube views go down?”, you can look for something that engages your audience to be better. When you do, you will regain your views and even increase in a short time.

why did my YouTube views go down
Changed upload schedule

1.5 It’s a reaction to what’s going on in the world

With the global network lockdown due to COVID-19, many people have been stuck indoors and glued to Netflix, Hulu, iPlayer, or YouTube as there is nothing else to do. But now the world is starting to reopen and that means there is less screen time.

As a result, viewers are a bit tired because people can not watch YouTube all the time. For another reason, the lockdown has been eased in some countries and the view count is starting to drop 20%-25%. A lot of creators have seen similar fluctuations.

why did my YouTube views go down
It is a reaction to what is going on in the world

1.6 Audit of  YouTube View Quality

If your video is dropping views, it could be due to a quality audit by YouTube. YouTube’s view quality check is when YouTube determines when your views are legitimate. Because views from users that only refresh the browser multiple times or views purchased from third parties will not be counted and will be deleted. When an audit occurs, your views drop dramatically, or the drop is just about what you get in a day.

The audit check is usually triggered when the video reaches 301. In case this happens, you may have to wait a few days for your views to start growing again. There is another way that can cause you to lose views is when you delete the video or change the setting to private. Deleting the video will make this permanent, but if you change the setting back to the public, the views will come back.

why YouTube views dropped
Audit of YouTube view quality

1.7 Seasonal Changes

In fact, seasonal changes are affecting your YouTube audience. Special events over the course of several months and their impact on YouTube views and subscribers can be obvious to some channels. But for others, others see their views drop for unknown reasons.

So this is the time when creators need to think smarter instead of working harder. It could be an opportunity for you to invest in some new equipment, learn how to use new editing software, or practice presenting in front of the camera.

why did my YouTube views go down
Seasonal changes

1.8 Penalty on YouTube

Another reason “why did my YouTube video views go down” is when you are being run into a YouTube penalty. This is when the algorithm punishes your channel for something or when specific details change on your video. This type of video view dropping is rare but they do still happen.

Most of the time, it is an algorithm change that affects not only you but also an entire niche of creators on YouTube. Then, you might want to contact YouTube Support about the algorithm changes.

Usually, these types of sudden drops in views usually reset within a few days. YouTube’s algorithm is always changing, and updates can have unintended consequences for creators. A great way to avoid losing views on your YouTube channel is to consistently produce new, high-quality videos.

why did my YouTube views go down
Penalty on YouTube

1.9 Your Content Is Incompatible With YouTube’s Objectives

Your content is incompatible with YouTube’s objectives means that your video content is not aligning with YouTube’s goal. YouTube producers are not standing still, and they’re going to continue to evolve their platform. As a platform, YouTube wants to deliver that kind of content to you.

Besides being a viewer, your audience wants to see and keep watching that content. If viewers are satisfied with what they are watching every time they visit YouTube, they will continue to use the service. That is leading to the reason “why did my views on YouTube go down“.

why are my views going down on YouTube
Your content is incompatible with YouTube’s objectives

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2. Tips for Increasing YouTube Views

After finding out why your YouTube views are down. This section will introduce what you should do to increase your YouTube views. So you can get the maximum benefit from your channel. Once you notice what change in your video is responsible for a drop in your video views, you will know what to do about it. Here are 10 simple tips to increase your video views and promote your channel with YouTube promotion service.

2.1 Experiment with a different content strategy

One way to increase your YouTube views is to take it differently with your content strategy. This could involve changing the topics you cover, experimenting with different video formats, or even just switching up your editing style. If you feel like your current content isn’t resonating with your audience, it is time to put it all together.

why did my YouTube views go down
Experiment with a different content strategy

2.2 Use appropriate keywords

If you want to increase YouTube views, you need to use appropriate keywords. This means including relevant keywords in your title and description, and using them throughout your video. By using keywords, you will make it easier for potential viewers to find your content and view it.

why did my YouTube views go down
Use appropriate keywords

2.3 Improve your titles and descriptions

Another way to increase your YouTube views is to optimize your title and description. This means using keywords that potential viewers are searching for as well as making sure your videos are categorized correctly. If your videos are hard to find, viewers will not be able to watch them even though your content is remarkably good.

why YouTube views dropped
Improve your titles and descriptions

2.4 Join forces with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other YouTube creators is a great way to increase your views. Not only can you reach their audience, but you can also form partnerships with people who share your goals and values. This can help you create lasting success on YouTube. There are also many other benefits you can get from this idea.

why did my YouTube views go down
Join forces with other YouTube creators

2.5 Use social media to promote your videos

If you want to increase YouTube views, you need to promote your video on social media. This will help you reach a wider audience and get more people interested in your content. Make sure to post links to your videos on all social media accounts and encourage viewers to share them with their friends.

why did my YouTube views go down
Use social media to promote your videos

2.6 Make interesting thumbnails

Your thumbnail is the first thing potential viewers will see when they watch your video, so it is important to make sure it is engaging. You are recommended to use bright colors and interesting fonts to attract attention and include relevant images that accurately represent the video. If your thumbnail catches the eye, viewers will be more likely to click on your video and watch it.

why did my YouTube video views go down
Make interesting thumbnails

2.7 Make certain that your videos are of great quality

As you know, if your videos are low quality, viewers will not want to watch them. Investing in a good camera is essential and ensures clear audio. If your videos are of high quality, viewers will be more likely to watch them all the way through and even share them with their friends.

why did my YouTube views go down
Make certain that your videos are of great quality

2.8 Increase the length of your video

One way to increase your YouTube views is to increase the length of your videos. This will give viewers more time to watch your content and invest in what you are saying. If you can keep your viewers engaged for longer, they will be more lovely to revisit your videos in the future.

why did my YouTube views go down
Increase the length of your video

2.9 Plan and shoot interesting videos

In case you want to increase YouTube views, you need to plan and shoot compelling videos. This means thinking about what topics will be interesting to your audience, as well as filming in a way that is engaging and visually stimulating. If your videos are boring, viewers will not want to watch them. And you can see that “why did my YouTube views go down?” right after.

why are my views going down on YouTube
Plan and shoot interesting videos

2.10 Make use of annotations and cards

Annotations and cards are the best way to keep viewers engaged with your content. You can use them to provide links to additional information, as well as promote other videos or channels. If used correctly, captions and tags can help increase your YouTube views. You need to learn how to add captions, links, and tags to your videos now.

why did my YouTube views go down
Make use of annotations and cards

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Hopefully, you have gotten the answer to the question “Why did my YouTube views go down” from this article. They are what may be responsible for your drop-in views on YouTube, get back to work on the areas where you can adjust and position yourself better for the areas that are out of your control. AdsCanHelp is a prestigious agency for your concern not only about YouTube but also about other platforms on the internet. You are welcome to contact them through the site if you need any further help.


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