20+ Effective Ways How To Promote Your YouTube Channel For Free

If you don’t know how to promote your YouTube channel for free, then this article will help you. So why do you need to promote your YouTube channel? Nowadays, Youtube has gradually become a popular platform for most people. Therefore, many people decide to become influencers or content creators to earn a living. To learn more with AdsCanHelp learn below.

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1. Create valuable content

Content is now very important to YouTubers as they strive to capture users’ attention and keep them engaged and updated as quickly as possible. Content marketing has become a common word among marketers, and audiences naturally have plenty of content and resources to share. Effective content marketing will increase engagement with current and future members and increase credibility and trust in the industry.

However, quality content takes time and resources, and ultimately managers are looking for a return on that investment. Here are five essential elements to produce, distribute and promote valuable content that helps promote your youtube channel for free:

  • Target the needs of your audience: The first step to creating an effective content marketing strategy is to understand your audience’s challenges. What unique insights, tips, and information can your organization provide to solve its problems? Furthermore, what channels are most effective in reaching this group? Segmenting your content’s audience and its distribution channels (blogs, social media, newsletters) provides an opportunity to truly optimize performance by closely monitoring engagement and editing. Change strategy if necessary.
  • Be honest: It’s no secret that people want honest and practical content. Even if your primary goal is to promote thought leadership in your organization, you’re still at risk of reputation if you provide reliable non-independent content. It must also be true to the voice of your association. Authentic storytelling can be the best way to capture and maintain your audience’s attention.
  • Be consistent: A content strategy requires real commitment. While it should be authentic, it should also serve as a common point of contact that reinforces your video’s unique value proposition. According to Forrester, creating a consistent experience across all brand touchpoints is a major risk factor. And as you begin to execute your strategy, providing consistent content is essential to stay in the spotlight and strengthen your brand and industry.
  • Integrated: Writing an announcement post, putting it on the Internet and hoping that someone will come across it is not enough. Integration is key. Your original content conveys live video and has greater impact if integrated.
  • Check and try again: The beauty of digital media is the ability to access information on demand. You can track exactly what content and stories are driving traffic and engagement.
how to promote your youtube channel
Content is now very important to YouTubers

2. Choose Google-friendly keywords

How to grow YouTube channel from 0? SEO is the way for users to easily find a YouTube channel of you, and videos also.  To better your SEO, you should understand thoroughly the needs of users or what they are searching for the most. You can spend a little money on tools, but it is still a very practical fee, so this is still a cheap Youtube promotion way.

Here are some tips on how to promote your YouTube channel:

  • Use tools like Google Keyword Planner to identify some hot keywords.
  • Choose an option to Google.
  • Find out whether videos or written content is a hot search by scanning each keyword’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP).
  • Slightly change your keyword and try again. Add “How to” or “Tutorial” if you have difficulty finding video results. 
  • Choose a keyword that not only helps you find videos easily but also matches your content.
How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free
SEO is how YouTube audiences can find your videos

3. Figure out what your audience wants

You should make sure your content will suit your audience’s wants. You must start knowing your audience and having a deep understanding of their needs. You better analyze other creator videos to determine what type of video interests the audience the most. How to grow your youtube channel without understanding your audience? That is impossible.

If you have some videos posted, you can examine your Youtube Analytics. Besides, thanks to Youtube Videos Report, you can understand your videos’ short-term and long-term influence.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free
Try to understand what your audience wants, otherwise, you will get zeros like this

4. Write an engaging concise, descriptive title

Whenever finding content, the audience will see the title first. Therefore, if your title is concise and enticing, it might encourage the audience to click it.

how to promote your youtube channel
The title of the video is easy to attract viewers

Here is how to promote your YouTube channel for free through descriptive titles:

  • Make it short and attractive. Short titles with less than 60 characters will possibly make your videos viral.
  • Add your keywords to the first half of your title. Because most watchers likely read some first words of your title and ignore the rest. 
  • Don’t confuse interest with clickbait. Clickbait can make your channel enticing for a short time, but it will destroy your reputation for a long time.

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5. Optimize your videos for visibility

“How do I effectively promote my youtube channel?”. That’s what you’re still wondering, so have you tried optimizing your videos in terms of visibility for viewers?

Your videos also need optimized keywords or tags, just like other kinds of content and blog posts.

To promote your video on Youtube, you should follow these tips and increase the chances of suggesting:

  • Title and description: you should try adding keywords in the title and description.
  • Mention your target keywords in the video: it can help the platform understand your video more thoroughly. 
  • Engagement: Youtube uses likes, comments, and subscribes to find the rank of your product in the search results. 
  • Categories: It can help the platform determine suitable audiences for your videos.
  • Tags: these tags can give Youtube a brief context of your product. You also can add channel tags
how to promote your youtube channel
Take a look at this video of the “Henry Media Group” channel, what do you see? Looks very professional, doesn’t it?

6. Create custom thumbnails

Thumbnails are even more important than titles because people will likely be more attracted to visuals than words. So it would be best if you designed a vivid and catchy thumbnail. Thumbnail is also a way for your videos to get more views on YouTube.

And here are how to boost your youtube channel with thumbnails:

  • Use 1280 x 720 px.
  • Format: .PNG, .JPG, .GIF, etc. 
  • Size: 2MB.
  • Choose high-contrast images.
  • Add text and color.
  • Use close-up photographs.
  • Attach a link or the stock of the images.
how to promote your youtube channel
In addition to the title, the thumbnail is also what will invite viewers to click on your video

7. Fill out your profile

A persuasive profile is a must-have step in growing your Youtube channel and boosting your SEO. Many people will not notice these pieces of information, but YouTube always pays attention to these pieces of your channel information and will judge whether your channel is complete or trustworthy. And that’s how to promote your YouTube channel free with only your information.

Let’s follow some practices for a compelling profile:

  • Be consistent. Make sure you use the same writing style and color palette in your channel or other websites to create an impression on the audience.
  • Optimize the description. This is a great chance to add the target keywords.
  • Make the viewer come back to you. To do this, you can post a regular schedule, then stick to it to let them know when you will update a new video.
  • Add contact information. It will be easy for anyone who wants to cooperate with you to contact you. Or you can add featured channels on YouTube of yours. 
how to promote your youtube channel
Filling in channel information is also a way to promote your YouTube channel

8. Optimize your descriptions

Here are some tips for writing an effective description for every kind of video:

  • Insert the target keywords in the title and description.
  • Obey the 5000- character limit.
  • Make a “content page” including a YouTube timestamp for your video.
  • Add links to related playlists.
  • Add some related hashtags, and ensure you stick to the hashtagging rules.
how to grow your youtube channel
The description can also be exploited to help your video get promoted and reach more people on YouTube

9. Offer real value to the audience

Great content can offer the audience real value, make them come back to watch your videos, and help your video rank well. Before you create content, wonder:

  • This video will solve what kind of problems?
  • Is it funny?
  • Does it help viewers to improve their life?
how to grow your youtube channel
Make sure your video creates something of value for your viewers

10. Create High-quality videos

Poor quality can undermine your video even though the content is great. Therefore, ensure that you create a high-quality video before posting it. Using a decent camera and having a soundcheck before recording.

how to promote youtube videos without paying
YouTube currently supports resolutions up to 4K, so don’t upload low-quality videos

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11. Interact with the YouTube community

In the past, letting users know about your channel using YouTube promotion services, but now a great way to drive viewers to engage, subscribe or update your other content is to ask call to action. Users usually engage with their subscribers or viewers through comments or likes.

It helps them boost the connection between them and viewers. It is an effective way to attract the audience to visit your channel. 

how to promote youtube videos without paying
Be actively engaged with your channel viewers

12. Try live streaming

Nowadays, celebrities usually stream live videos to interact with their fans, making it a hot trend. 

Besides, apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube gradually stream live videos. Some examples for using it to stream:

  • Live tutorial.
  • Webinar.
  • Interaction.
how to promote your channel on youtube
Many platforms are showing that live streams are doing very well, and so is YouTube

13. Run a contest or giveaway

People will usually be fascinated by giveaways. Therefore, you should host a contest or giveaway to attract the audience. 

You can promote your channel in this way. For example, viewers must like, comment, and subscribe to your channel to enter the contest or giveaway.

how to promote your channel on youtube
There’s no one who doesn’t like receiving gifts, that’s why GA has always had its charm

Here are some practices for running a contest or giveaway on Youtube:

  • Stick to Youtube’s policies.
  • Choose a gift in terms of your current brand.

However, you should have a break time between contests if you have financial problems or time.

14. Be unconventional!

The more special your video is, the more viral it becomes. This is an effective tip on how to promote a Youtube channel for free

Viewers will easily be intrigued by your unconventional videos because they haven’t watched them before; it creates a great curiosity for users.

how to promote a youtube channel for free
How to promote your youtube channel? Be unconventional, be different!

15. Use Hashtags

Like other platforms, Youtube allows you to use hashtags to categorize your video, making it easier for viewers to search your video. 

Create branded hashtags by adding the hashtag symbol “#” before a word or phrase to help your audience directly to your video contents. 

how to promote your youtube channel for free
Reaching customers with hashtags is always effective

16. Try a Q&A

It’s not exaggerated to say Q&A is one of the most effective ways to engage with online communities. 

You can ask your subscribers to send questions via comment, mail, or other social media, then make a video to address all of them. It can help you appeal to more audiences to your channel.

how to promote youtube videos free
Q&A is always an easy content to do and also a way to promote your YouTube channel

17. Create a Series

Post a video on a schedule to make your viewers visit the channel many times. You can choose a catchy or sensational name for your video series. 

Customize consistent thumbnails to make people remember your series well and look forward to each of your videos. 

how to promote your youtube channel free
Create a series of content that can keep viewers coming back to your channel again and again

18. Collaborate with other Creators and Brands

Collaborating with other creators and brands is a good way to expand the audience range. 

New audiences will start subscribing to your channel because you collaborate with their familiar creators. Besides, it will make your brand more authentic and viral.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel for Free
Collaborate with creators or brands can help your channel explode in engagement rates

19. Make Playlists

Video playlists will lead viewers to watch more of your content because the next one will start immediately when this video ends. These videos will likely appear in the suggested videos on the platform. How to promote a YouTube channel for free? This is the way but, of course, you have to do it yourself. 

There are two ways to create a useful playlist:  

  • Group your current videos under a popular theme on your page.
  • Accumulate related videos from your partners or influencers.
how to boost your youtube channel
When viewers are attracted by a video in a playlist, they will definitely watch every video in that playlist

20. Increase engagement with Calls To Action

Call To Action is also a great way to drive viewers to engage, subscribe, or stay on top of your other content. The viewer’s behavior through the Call To Action buttons is also considered a way how to promote your youtube channel.

There are many free ways to add calls to action to your videos:

  • Direct host-mention: You can look at the camera and talk directly to your audience.
  • Video descriptions: Ask the viewers to like, comment or subscribe to your channel in it.
  • End cards/screens: Insert some screenshots to your videos’ beginning, middle, or end.
promote your youtube channel for free
Increasing engagement is always easier with the Call To Action

21. Publish your YouTube channel to social media

Try to reach audiences out of this platform to build a community around it. Try to incorporate your videos into other social media platforms. Social media is very evolved, take advantage of it to promote your video on YouTube, then your channel will also be known. How to promote your YouTube channel for free without social media? It’s almost impossible, it will be very difficult, I mean extremely difficult.

how to promote my youtube channel for free
It would be difficult to promote a YouTube channel without using social media

There are many ways to publish your Youtube channel without posting the same message. Here are some common ideas for you:

21.1 Social media

For each social media platform, you should use different strategies. Make sure that your brand’s look is consistent on every social media platform and use different captions for each time you post it.

how to promote your channel on youtube
Consistently posting content on social media is something you need to keep in mind

21.2 Blogging

Ways to promote your YouTube channel through a blog? The answer is simple, through embedded video. Embed videos in the post on your blog. It will increase the view of your blog post and your Youtube channel. Also, you can use your blog to generate new topics for your next video content.

how to promote your youtube channel
Embedding videos in a blog is a great way to make your videos reach more people

21.3 Email marketing

Email is effective all the time. You can give your subscribers a heads up when you post a new video to increase views. You can also insert a short link under your email signature to gain more subscribers. 

how to grow your youtube channel
Email marketing is an old but not outdated way

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They are the most effective tips on How to promote your YouTube channel for free. Thanks to these suggestions, AdsCanHelp hope you can accumulate more new things and have a thorough understanding of this platform. Thank you, and we will see you soon!


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