How To Advertise On Youtube – Step By Step Guide

how to advertise on youtube

This writing will go over the steps on how to advertise on YouTube and what you need to do to make sure you are getting the most out of your advertising campaign. Let’s start with the very first steps of a YouTube advertising campaign. What do you need to do? What do you need to know? And many other things. Find out in this article!

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1. What is YouTube Advertising?

Before knowing how to run ads on YouTube, we should look at the meaning of YouTube advertising. Done through Google Ads, it adds product or service information in front of your target audience watching videos on YouTube. 

how to advertise on youtube videos
Before knowing how to run ads on YouTube, we should know the meaning of YouTube advertising

Advertisers use many different forms of online video such as advergaming, advertisements displayed at the start of a video, added to related content in the middle, or even pre-roll ads played before a video starts.

2. Benefits of YouTube Advertising

Next on this writing of how to YouTube advertise, here are some benefits of advertising on YouTube.

If you’ve heard about pay-per-click advertising, you know that it can get the job done with little to no cost. There is a misconception that along with being free, these online ads are unsophisticated.

You only pay when someone clicks on your promoted content will help you fully control how much your campaign will be spending every month. PPC campaigns are also incredibly targeted since you choose your search keywords. Overall, that’s how YouTube paid promotion.

how to youtube advertise
Advertising on YouTube has a lot of benefits

Because paid search happens to be one of the most well-targeted marketing channels out there, ads copy can be crafted for maximum impact with a minimum investment of time and money.

Also, watching a company’s commercials is usually a way to get in touch with brands and their values. One brilliant way for you to take advantage of this fact is by creating YouTube Marketing Videos where you have the opportunity to talk about who you are as an individual.

YouTube is also a great channel for you to manage with clear criteria. Mastering how to advertise on YouTube videos will make it easy for you to understand which videos perform better than others.

Besides that, YouTube has 2 billion monthly users, which means 2 billion impressions. Knowing how to get ads on YouTube, you’re guaranteed to have your advertisements seen by potential customers. 

There are so many people on this advertising platform who are interested in your brand and products – it’s an incredible way for you to reach out to those interested in what you have to offer! This is also a way to get more views on YouTube.

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3. 6 Types of YouTube Video Ads

3.1 YouTube TrueView Ads

If you research how to put ads on YouTube videos, you might find this type of advertisement on YouTube lets the ad-steam pay only if a person decides to watch it. In case a person sees ads and is not interested in watching them, they can skip through it quickly.

how to advertise on youtube videos
YouTube TrueView Ads

Also, only viewers who stay at least 30 seconds in the video will be charged. Another way to save money is to keep people interested. If this is done, the company or person who made the video gets more money because more people are paying attention and not skipping them. That’s how YouTube free promotion sites

3.2 Non-skippable In-stream Ads on YouTube

Non-skippable in-stream ads must be familiar to anyone who knows how to ads on YouTube videos. It is essentially the same as TrueView in-stream ads, except viewers can skip them.

how to run ads on youtube
Non Skippable In-Stream Ads On YouTube

Because of this feature, sometimes consumers find these ads disruptive or don’t find them appealing for various reasons.

3.3 YouTube bumper Ads

Continue on this writing about how to advertise a YouTube channel, and we will talk about Bumper ads that are an important part of a YouTube advertising campaign. 

They take up the last 6 seconds of any other YouTube video advertisement, so your ads must be polished, informative, and as entertaining as possible for such a brief time frame. 

how to run ads on youtube
YouTube Bumper Ads

As an advertiser on YouTube, you have to focus on your message, who you’re trying to reach with it, and how they’ll like to be engaged with this information to best turn them into customers or clients. 

In other words: phone-number-based Bumper videos usually won’t convert well unless the call-to-action is clear and immediate.

3.4 Sponsored card Ads on YouTube

YouTube sponsored cards can be considered as small CTA popups for videos. They are very discreet because they only show up on top of the video in question, usually at the end. 

how to run ads on youtube
Sponsored Card Ads On YouTube

Viewers might dismiss it from the beginning and think that nothing’s there. Still, when they click on that tiny symbol, they’ll see a new expanded dialogue box with various options such as turning off their device’s sound and reporting an offensive video. 

What else should you know about how to get ads on YouTube videos? Continue reading and find out.

3.5 YouTube overlay Ads

In general, the viewers view overlay ads favorably because they add to the experience without being too intrusive. 

The only thing that might make some people chuckle is that you’ll often notice a subtle change in background music when an overlay ad plays due to it being a separate stream from the rest of the audio. 

how to advertise on youtube
YouTube Overlay Ads

Still, aside from that, these ads are pretty low-key, as I’m sure you can tell just from glancing at your screen right now.

3.6 Display Ads on YouTube

Another YouTube advertising format runs within a video before, during, or after it has played. 

how to advertise on youtube
Display Ads On YouTube

Ads of this nature have been running for quite some time and are positioned in the right-hand sidebar above the suggested videos list. It is a quick and effective way to generate income without charging your audience too much.

4. How to Advertise on YouTube

How to advertise your YouTube video? Depending on your expectations as to how you wish to advertise on Google+ will affect what you choose. 

As an advertiser, one can utilize various options depending on the type of business involved and how much advertising capital one has at one’s disposal. 

Some of these are available for non-professionals and cost nothing like utilizing a brand page or creating a hangout. Though utilized, others may require having professionals handle them, such as leveraging keywords or, in some cases, purchasing YouTube ads. 

You can do this by targeting several demographics, including gender, location, age, and lifestyle – all key factors that Google+ uses when determining ads placement within related searches comparing costs per click.

how to advertise on youtube
There are many ways for you to advertise with Google+

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5. How to create your first YouTube Advertising campaign

Step 1: Create your campaign

Before spending time and money on your marketing campaign, upload a video to your YouTube account. 

how to advertise on youtube
You’ll need to specify a title, description, and tags for the videos you are uploading

You can accomplish this by opening up the YouTube portal and clicking the small, blue camera icon located at the top-right of the page. Next, you’ll need to specify a title, description, and tags for the videos you are uploading.

Step 2: Define your campaign

In setting up your campaign, you need to choose a name to know later. It might be wise to write the purpose of the ads or product in the name so that when you create more than one campaign, you won’t have trouble figuring out which one is for what.

how to advertise on youtube
In setting up your campaign, you need to choose a name to know later

Now that we’ve covered that, we need to decide how much money you want to spend on advertising per day? You can do it in two ways. 

First, you could start by spending just a little each day and see if it brings in any results or not – then change the way things are run after some time has passed. 

The second option is the accelerated option – Google will automatically account for any dip in sales if they spot trends in your average cost-per-click (CPC) numbers – but it all depends on how well your ads perform, so try both and see what works best for you!

You should also choose the Start and End dates by inputting your start date, then enter the end date if you would like one in the future. Click Search Partners & Network. 

Enter a Title that describes your ads in 100 characters or less, then enter a description of up to 3500 characters and add channel tags. Finally, choose where you want your ads to show: either on YouTube Videos or across Google’s display network for video partners.

Next, it is essential to choose an inventory type that defines where your ads will be placed on the Facebook content spectrum. 

This section helps you block out demographic and behavioral targeting topics that essentially clash with your corporate policies or specific branding and messaging goals.

Step 3: Target your audience

Before selecting your audience, make sure to give your ads group a descriptive name that reflects the kind of people you would like to target. Selecting your demographics is the first stage of honing your target audience. 

how to advertise on youtube
Selecting your demographics is the first stage of honing your target audience

In this section, Google Ads shows you how to narrow down what kind of people and characteristics are most likely to need or want your product or service using specific demographic criteria such as age, gender, parental status, etc.

Advertisers must churn through these options as effectively as possible to ensure their business will reap both financial and reputational rewards from their marketing strategy. If working mature, you can get closer to YouTube promotion service free.

Step 4: Set your campaign to Live

The next step is to indicate what you would like your ads to appear on. When setting up your campaign, you must create each campaign specifically for this purpose. 

how to ads on youtube videos
What would you like your ads to appear on?

So it’s fairly obvious that expected allocations can be controlled within this area of your account and by choosing specific placements. Presumably, one will want to select a Lookalike audience of some sort. 

Still, that decision is entirely up to you, and the extent to which you use it will ultimately depend upon the product or service being sold!

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AdsCanHelp hopes you enjoyed our article about how to advertise on YouTube. Advertising on YouTube can help you promote your business or brand to a wider audience, and the best point here must be that it is simple and easy to carry out. Hope you succeed with your plan for YouTube advertising. Cheer!


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