How To Get Recommend Your Video On Youtube

how to get your video recommended on youtube

How to get recommended on Youtube? How to make your video trending on this huge social platform? If you are a beginner, you might be so confused about which criteria contribute to the ranking of Youtube posts. There is a lot of information that you get to know before investing in creating videos.

This article would bring you an explanation of how Youtube would rate a video and an introduction to the most effective ways to make your video “go viral” .Scroll down and read the details for the tips!

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1. How do YouTube recommend videos?

Normally, Youtube would recommend a video if it has a high-quality thumbnail, YouTube SEO, and YouTube Search traffic. For instance, a video made on the topic of “Passive Income” had around 2,000 views at the beginning.

However, as soon as the interest in the topic goes high, the video also goes viral because it satisfies the current increase of searching amounts and implements SEO YouTube excellently.

How to get recommended on Youtube
How does YouTube recommend videos?

Moreover, when other YouTubers also jump into the same topic, they tend to copy the same keywords/tags or title as the previous video. Consequently, YouTube would recommend the original video as the best candidate for others to refer to. Therefore, that 2000-view video reached 1.4 million views after 6 months of uploading.

The statistic shows that the majority of views directly come from YouTube Algorithm (YouTube’s Recommended System). The remaining ones are results of YouTube suggested videos and being shared on the YouTube Homepage.

2. What are YouTube suggested videos?

How to get your videos suggested by YouTube” is definitely everything that all YouTubers expect to know. The only answer for you is “Timing” rather than the immediate viewer’s recognition, which means you should tell a story that no one has ever told or you should make yourself a “trendsetter”.

For example, a YouTuber attended an event named Adobe Max aimed to launch a new product of “Microsoft Surface Studio”.

How to get recommended on Youtube
What are YouTube suggested videos?

At that time, no one had access to the event. However, that Youtuber still decided to make a video reviewing and expressing his first impression on products shown in the showroom. When the video was released, it had poor traffic. In return, it only confronted very low competition on Youtube.

Therefore, when the Microsoft Surface Studio products were officially announced on every social platform, his video became the most suggested one that beat the other Biggest Youtuber.

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3. How to get recommend your video on Youtube step by step

If you fully know the process of Youtube video suggestion, now get started with the steps of getting on recommended on YouTube. Below is a short summarization of the ways of making your videos go viral on Youtube that you need to follow.

3.1 View CTR and timing

The first important factor that you need to pay attention to in the process of making a YouTube video is CTR (Click Thru Rate). The higher CTR the larger traffic you can gain. The amount of CTR can reveal if a video is attractive to the viewers.

Besides that, CTR is directly impacted by many factors such as topic, title, targeting, thumbnail, and timing. In detail, timing refers to the fact that you can gain many advantages if your video provides the first source on YouTube. Some notes about those factors would be listed in the following:

  • The timing of the topic has to be “on the top” of market attention.
  • The topic has to be appropriate for a diverse audience.
  • Targeting depends on your awareness of the desired audience.
  • Thumbnail has to play to the target audience’s psychology.
  • The title should be come up with being appropriate for the target audience and utilize timing.
how to get your video recommended on youtube
How to improve the CTR of your Youtube video?

3.2 YouTube video optimization

One of the most effective ways of “how to get more recommended videos on YouTube” is optimizing your video. Video optimization is a new term for video creators on the Youtube platform and replaceable for the term of YouTube SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

There are many options that you can utilize for optimizing Youtube Video including:

  • Video Title.
  • Video Description.
  • Video Subtitles/Transcription/Closed Caption.
  • Video Thumbnail.
  • Video Keywords/Tags.
  • Video featuring Playlists.
how to get recommended on Youtube
Standard Ratio for Youtube Thumbnail

3.3 External traffic

How to get recommended on Youtube not only indicates the ways you gain traffic from Youtube users but also is supposed to be the ways you grow your channel from external traffic. You can promote the videos by sharing them on other social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Moreover, YouTube recommendations are not only based on users’ subscribers but also on their previously watched videos. Therefore, the more sharing for your videos, the more chances you get to approach more audiences and be suggested by YouTube.

how to get recommended on Youtube
Growing YouTube channels from exteral traffic

3.4 Suggested video inventory

Your content and how you build and classify the content for each video also affect how to get more recommended videos on YouTube. If you can make various videos that deeply focus on one topic only, you probably can gain more traffic.

Therefore, the key here might be the relationship among your video contents or topics. The reason for that is explained by some factors deciding Youtube suggested videos below:

  • Preference and previously watched videos of viewers.
  • Related-to-topic videos of the current video.
  • Related video to the current Youtubers/channels.
  • Your videos also have the highest possibility of being recommended by your videos. 
how to get on recommended on youtube
Interface of Youtube Recommendations

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4. The importance of titles, tags, and descriptions on suggested videos on Youtube

If you are curious about how to get your videos suggested by YouTube, “related videos” is a notable term for you. Titles, tags, and descriptions play a significant role in the Youtube process of recommending videos for users.

To find which videos could be the best candidates for a recommendation, Youtube would depend on the videos having the same attributes as the current video as well as being contained in the viewer’s preferences. The similarity is reflected by video titles, tags, and descriptions.

how to get recommended on Youtube
An example of YouTube tags

On the other hand, video tags are very notable for video creators to build the correlation between the current video and other YouTube suggested videos. Here are some tips for utilizing tags to make your video go viral:

  • Contain 2-3 tags in each Youtube video that are tied directly to your brand.
  • Contain matching brand keywords for each video that completely fit your Channel keywords/Channel tags.
  • In the description box, multiple playlists or on info cards and ending screens on YouTube, link all videos that might be related to the same topic or related to each other. 
  • In related videos or even in playlist description and Keyword Tags area, use repeated Topic Keywords.

Besides getting your video recommended a lot, you can also use other ways like promote YouTube videos.

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Hopefully, you can understand how to get recommended on YouTube when finishing reading this article. To make your video go viral, you need a persistent process of creating ideas, investing in video quality, growing your channel, and gaining traffic.

If you are struggling with poor view videos, go ahead with all the tips shown above. Or if you want to figure out more about issues related to promoting your YouTube channel, switch to other posts on AdsCanHelp for more interesting information.


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