How to queue Youtube videos with Youtube’s queue feature

how to queue youtube videos

If you have been with YouTube for a long time, have you updated on how to queue YouTube videos? This video social platform has finally launched the feature of the playback queue to bring a better experience for users while using. Any video creator working on YouTube should not ignore every single update not to left behind competitors. If you are wondering what the attributes of the YouTube queue are, keep on reading for more details.

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Queue vs watch later vs playlist

Watch Later is a feature that YouTube has brought to all users for many years. The ease of access on Watch Later is provided for all videos and browsers (both web and mobile). This way, Watch Later allows users to highlight videos that they are interested in but do not want to watch immediately or do not have time. Therefore, this feature is relevant for those who want to bookmark and organize videos for future watching.

how to queue youtube videos
Interface of YouTube Watch Later

YouTube playlists consume users more stages and time. Using lists, users have to add a video to an existing list or a new list, seek the list, choose a video and play it. Whereas, the YouTube queue is faster and targets those who prefer spur of the moment watching. When a video is added to the queue, it would be shown as a mini-player anywhere on the website. Instead of manually cleaning as Watch later list, you just need to close the current tab for stopping the queue. It also means that you would completely lose that existing queue on YouTube.

how to queue youtube videos
How to add YouTube video to queue

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How to add videos to a queue on Youtube

The youtube feature that queues-related videos is easier than you think. All you need to do is just hover over the thumbnail of a certain video. Then, search for the two icons which would be shown on the top right. You would see a “clock” icon implied as Watch Later and a “list” icon implied as to the queue. Click on the “list” button to start the queue. A mini-player would appear on the bottom right of your screen and that is when you successfully have a video on queue. 

how to add videos to a queue on youtube
YouTube mini-player

Besides the thumbnail, two quick-action buttons for Watch Later and Queue also appear on the channel pages, YouTube searches, subscriptions tabs, and on the home page. However, you would not find them in some places such as within playlists. In those cases, you need to click the three-dot button. Then, click “Add to queue”. 

Watching Youtube video from the queue

If you have already known how to queue YouTube videos, did you know where to playback them? You can conduct many actions on the mini-players. For the playback, you just need to hover over the queue to find its control button no matter how many videos you add. You can also play, pause, rewind, or skip videos on queue. You can also add more videos to the existing queue by finding the up arrow beside the title of a video and clicking on it. In case you want to switch the mini-player to a larger screen, move to the “expand” arrow on the top left of it and click.

how to queue youtube videos
Watching videos from queue

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Managing the queue

Besides how to add videos to a queue on YouYube, you should get to know ways to adjust and manage queues also. Mastering queue management can improve your watching experience and customize it to suit your interest. For the queue list that you have already conducted the expansion, you can reorder videos or remove the ones that you are not interested in anymore. You would lose the existing queue as soon as you close the mini-player. YouTube would automatically warn you about it so you can cancel.

how to queue youtube videos
Manage the queue

However, note that there would be no warning in case you close the current tab. As a result, your queue is completely deleted and you have to spend time building it from scratch when you come back to YouTube another time. It is supposed that quickly reopening the closed tab would help in getting your queue back but this way is not reliable. Therefore, avoid closing the current tab if you do not want to lose your queue on YouTube.

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Now you can understand how to queue YouTube videos. Try it right now and enhance your personal experience while surfing on YouTube. Although it is easily seen as YouTube’s effort to bring more convenient tools for users, the update of the queue has not been applied to a mobile device yet. In case you are looking for this feature when being on your phone, all you can do is wait for later updates from YouTube. To explore more features on this video social platform, come through AdsCanHelp for other more useful information. 

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