How To Start A Beauty YouTube channel – Steps & Tips Guide

how to start a beauty channel on youtube

If you would like to become a professional beauty vlogger, knowing how to start a beauty Youtube channel essential. Moreover, making an invested video can help you become popular. There are many ways to create interesting videos. If you apply the right way, you can increase your subscribers and get income from this job. Now, Ads Can Help will provide you with information and pro-tips about this job in the article. Learn more!

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1. How to become a YouTube beauty influencer

Beauty influencer marketing is popular than ever and if you’re a fan of our favorite beauty bloggers you know why! Why not put your own spin on the trend?⁣

Law: My 3 secret YouTube tricks to become a beauty brand influencer

1. Upload your makeup `fit-spiration’ videos with eye candy closeups

2. Hang out with inclusive and diverse friends or relatives to make great first impressions on the camera

3. Work hard and don’t give up!

Easy peasy!

2. 10 Tips to starting a beauty YouTube channel

It is important to start a plan and prepare some basic things for your Youtube video. If you want to know how to start a beauty channel on youtube, having some essential information for beginners is fundamental. Let’s AdsCanHelp suggest you 10 tips to start your beauty videos right now.

2.1 Begin a beauty YouTube channel with Quality Content

One important thing about how to start a beauty youtube channel is doing thorough research. Before you hit the record button, you should plan out your complete beauty video. Quality content is really important to reach your target subscribers. Moreover, you have to make sure your video looks as nice as possible to increase the interest of viewers.

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2.2 Use popular subjects

Making popular videos is the ideal approach to attracting new viewers. You can use basic tools like Google Trends to discover what subjects are trending in your niche. Then, you should create videos on those themes with a personal touch to make your viewers feel special. This keeps you one step ahead of your competitors and gives you a competitive advantage.

2.3 Consistency

Posting beauty videos regularly is the best strategy to keep your subscriptions and grow your audience. You have to keep to an upload schedule for your beauty channel. This will notify your viewers when to return to your Youtube for new videos. 

2.4 Interact with the audience

You should take the opportunity to engage with your audience via comments and community postings. This action will increase engagement likes, shares, and comments and show them that their viewpoint is valuable to you. Moreover, the suggestions offered by your viewers also provide you with ideas for your next video.

2.5 Invite someone to your beauty channel

Another tip for how to start your youtube channel is inviting someone to your video. Collaborating with other beauty YouTubers will keep your video fresh and exciting. By cooperating, you not only add something unique to your beauty channel, but you also increase your chances of attracting their following.

2.6 Create a fantastic SEO strategy

Providing high-quality content should be your priority. However, understanding YouTube SEO is also critical for getting your videos to rank in search engines. To accomplish this, you need to conduct extensive keyword research. Then, optimize your movie title, tags, and description around these keywords. 

Moreover, you should create personalized thumbnails that entice viewers to click on your videos. As a result, your beauty videos become more visible to people. Then, you can get your target subscribers

2.7 Inspire people to subscribe

Another strategy to expand your beauty channel is encouraging your viewers to subscribe. In this manner, viewers who are on the fence about subscribing to your Youtube will undoubtedly click the subscribe button. The algorithm recognizes that users are enjoying your material. As a result, it allows more people to see your content on YouTube organically.

2.8 Contests/giveaways

Organizing free contests with attractive rewards is a smart approach to enhance your audience engagement. This will entice people to participate in the competition. Moreover, you can also host live streams and free Q&A sessions. This will greatly attract the audience to view your beauty Youtube channel. You can give them money or some products as a present for the winner. 

2.9 Include seasonal events

Focusing on creating some videos related to the seasonal like Christmas or Halloween.  This is such a great idea to attract a wide audience. You can provide the audience with something they will not find on any other beauty channel. This will stimulate their interest in your Youtube.

2.10 Publish lengthier videos

Many Youtuber advise you to post shorter videos to increase audience retention. However, this is not the best strategy. When you upload longer movies, you accumulate more watch time. When viewers spend more time on your channel, YouTube sees this and boosts the rating of your beauty video in the search engine. This helps you to gain more active subscribers and reactions.

2.11 Cross-platform promotion

When you release a beauty video, make sure to promote it aggressively. Advertising your videos on other social media platforms will undoubtedly benefit your channel. It also helps you earn subscribers from numerous platforms that provide YouTube viewers for sale. Some social media platforms you can use are Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin. All of them also have a huge number of interactions with people. 

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3. 20 Amazing beauty video concepts to become a YouTube beauty influencer

After knowing how to start a beauty blog on YouTube, you should explore some suitable concepts. They will be compatible with your images and helps you to be confident when releasing a new video.

3.1 Beginner Makeup Tutorial

Makeup tutorials are quite popular on YouTube. Many girls learn to apply it for a variety of situations, including birthdays, daily life, and weddings. You can demonstrate how you apply makeup for various circumstances and teach newbies how to do everything correctly. 

Beginners enjoy watching these tutorials and experimenting with new tips to look more appealing. The performance of your YouTube videos is primarily determined by the quality and video editing. A video editor is required to manage the brightness, contrast, sharpness, and other aspects.

3.2 Vlog

Somebody usually does not know how to start a beauty youtube channel concept. Vlogging is one of the best choices to gain popularity. You can put on makeup and tell your audience everything that has occurred to you. Moreover, sharing a video that shows people your daily life is also a good idea.

3.3 Cosmetics Unboxing

Cosmetics are a passion for makeup enthusiasts. Usually, viewers are eager to try a new product or watch its unboxing. Because many people can not afford to buy every new brand, the easiest way to learn about them is to watch the unboxing videos and read the reviews.

You can share the unboxing of new beauty goods as well as your reviews. Companies also send new products to influencers, so they may receive new things before they are released.

3.4 Routine for Daily Skincare

Skincare is something that people are always interested in. They work hard to keep skin healthy, clean, and free of acne. As a result, people enjoy discovering other people’s secrets and tricks.

If you are knowledgeable about skincare, you can share your daily skin routine with your audience. Then, you should explain how they can maintain their skin healthily. These videos are always visible in search results, increasing the likelihood of views and new subscribers.

3.5 Hairstyle

Hairstyling is a good idea for your concept. You can make a lot of videos based on it. Girls and women enjoy learning new haircuts and styling techniques. You can build tutorials based on the styles. There might be videos for outdoor, anniversary hairstyles, or party hairstyles.

3.6 Favorite Items

Selecting making videos about your favorite items is a good idea. You can tell your audience about your finest picks and what they can buy. Then review the reason why you like this product. Your top choices will save money and make good use of your viewers. 

3.7 Q&A

Q&A videos provide your audience with more insight and expertise. They may be interested in your life and ask for suggestions about any beauty products or recommendations. You can respond to every question in the comments or via email. These videos might also assist you in gaining more subscribers and converting new people into returning viewers.

3.8 Product Evaluation

Before purchasing a product, people frequently read the reviews. Females strive to choose the greatest thing on the market based on their budget. Therefore, they research the items and read the reviews.

You can provide honest product reviews and promote them to your target audience. It assists your viewers in purchasing the correct goods without spending money. If you include affiliate links to the products, this idea can also be a source of income. Then, many brands will send you their products for marketing. 

3.9 Hauls

Hauls are fascinating and similar to experimenting on new makeup in your own home. The audience can easily choose an appropriate product and add it to the collection. Your viewers may not be able to purchase every makeup product or have enough time to go shopping. Hence, your hauls can assist them in getting an overview of the products.

3.10 Prepare beside me

One of the most exciting ideas is to get ready with me, especially if there is a special event. For example, you could make a video about getting ready for Christmas. It does not have to be tied to a certain event. You can make such videos whenever you like. It might instruct viewers on makeup, clothing, and new fashions.

3.11 Look of the Day

The question of how to start a beauty youtube channel is not difficult if you follow the right concept. Some people usually do not know what they should wear on casual days or party days. You can make a video related to looking of the day. It gives viewers fresh ideas for dresses, makeup, and new products. 

3.12 Nail Design

Nail art is another intriguing and simple video concept. You can produce videos about your nails if you want to make them more appealing through inventive ideas. It would be simple and appealing to the audience. These videos are brief which can be used to get more viewers on YouTube Shorts.

3.13 Makeup Tutorial for the Holidays

Holidays are set up to make you joyful. You require a new look that will not irritate you while you are enjoying this trip. Before embarking on any holiday, beginners should learn how to apply makeup. You can provide them with beauty ideas and recommendations to help them look their best for the vacation.

3.14 What am I Carrying?

Everyone has a few items in their luggage, but it is a secret until you reveal it. You can mention what you keep in your backpack to help your viewers, such as beauty supplies. You might suggest things that your target audience should use to stay beautiful and make their trip easier.

3.15 Makeup Challenge in 5 Minutes

Many people do not have enough time to apply makeup every day. They can save time by looking at short makeup tutorials, such as the 5-minute challenge. It can help viewers save time and be flexible. You should provide the fundamental elements of makeup application in five minutes.

3.16 Makeup Tutorial for Celebrities

It is unique to demonstrate your abilities by copying the idea of any celebrity. People are frequently interested in how famous people apply their makeup. They could acquire new skills and how to emulate their favorite superstars. This idea can help you generate a lot of videos.

3.17 DIY Tutorial Video

DIY videos have a high chance of going viral. You will gain more views and subscribers if creating an engaging video. You show your audience how to make homemade beauty items like soap and cream in new ways. Moreover, you can also teach others how to sew things at home or restyle old clothes.

3.18 Makeup Challenge for $10

Everyone wants to save money and get their makeup done as cheaply as possible. This is why the $10 cosmetics challenge is so well-known and popular. Making videos about this is a fantastic idea. Your viewers will not only save money, but they will also enjoy the videos. You can buy $10 makeup and demonstrate whether it is worthwhile to your audience.

3.19 Tour of the Room

There are many YouTubers making videos about their decor room. This is a popular concept for your channel. If you are in the process of furniture your room, you can record a video for each update, such as new curtains, sleeping lamps, and flowers.

3.20 Video Editing Instructions

Some audiences want to start a YouTube channel in a different area. They would be interested in learning about your video editing equipment. You can guide viewers through your experiences through some lectures. The nice part is that these videos can reach a large number of people.

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4. The most popular beauty YouTubers/ skincare YouTube channels to Follow

One good way how to start a beauty channel on youtube is by following the footstep of popular ones. Many famous YouTubers have succeeded in developing their channel. You can follow the way they do to apply for your Youtube. There are many popular beauty vlogs such as James Charles, Jeffree Star, Nikkie de Jager, and Michelle Phan. All of them create an interesting way to attract many subscribers to their Youtube channels. 

4.1 James Charles

When referring to James Charles, viewers know he is a talented makeup artist with exceptional abilities. He provides fantastic and valuable stuff to his audiences, such as makeup tutorials, hacks, tips, and product reviews or comparisons.

4.2 Jeffree Star

Jeffree Star specializes in cosmetics tutorials, reviews, and vlogs. He stands out from other YouTubers since he founded and owns Jeffree Star Cosmetics. He has introduced some wonderful items for viewers. Despite his controversies, Jeffree Star is a fantastic makeup artist who sticks out from the crowd.

4.3 NikkieTutorials

Nikkie de Jager is well-known for her Tutorial channel. She is a cosmetics artist as well as a beauty YouTuber. The best part about her channel is that it is solely dedicated to makeup. Her channel is filled with lessons, new cosmetics, top products, and challenges.

4.4 Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan is an entrepreneur and cosmetics artist. She is well-known for her skincare line. Her approach to teaching the audience is admirable. She provides many interesting videos such as skincare tips, product recommendations, and vlogs. When following Michelle’s tips, the way how to start a beauty channel on youtube becomes easier. You can apply her ideas and tips to develop your videos and attract more viewers.

4.5 Cari Bybel

Cari Bybel provides fantastic content about beauty. She is a makeup artist. You can find some tutorials, product reviews, challenges, and favorite products on her channel. Cari Bybel talks about her experiences and what she does to look beautiful. Her channel also contains several interesting vlogs. You can see anything related to the beauty on her Youtube.

5. Best YouTube/Podcasting equipment  to start a makeup YouTube channel

When making beauty videos, you should some basic tools. Ads Can Help will suggest to you the important items of equipment. Nothing on this list is a bad choice!

  • 4K Camera: It is excellent for getting started and vlogging.
  • Lens: Many of my podcast creators highly recommend this lens, which creates a hazy “YouTuber” background.
  • Audio: It should be one of the first purchases you make if you want to enhance your setup. 
  • Podcast/Voiceover Microphone: This is the perfect microphone for a video.
  • Webcam: You should use this webcam for the setup.
  • Inexpensive Lighting Kit: This is a fantastic package that will help you get started and improve the aesthetic of your videos.
  • Ring light: This is a low-cost light that does the job.
how to start a beauty channel on youtube
When making beauty videos, you should some basic tools like Voice Over

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This article has shown you how to start a beauty channel on youtube easily. There are many ways and concepts to create a beauty video. All of them are easy to do if you understand the basic foundation of making videos. For beginners, you should follow some popular Youtubers and apply tips to attract viewers. If you want to explore more about how to make a beauty channel, let’s contact AdsCanHelp !


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