How To Start A Travel YouTube Channel – 9 Steps & Tip

how to start a travel youtube channel

If you want to learn how to start a travel YouTube channel, having a basic foundation is essential. Vacation videos will be interesting if you know how to optimize them with tips. Moreover, your channel should apply must-to-have equipment. Now, AdsCanHelp will provide you with information and pro-tips about the way to develop your travel Youtube channel in the article. Let’s started!

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1. What is a Travel Vlog?

Before exploring how to grow a travel youtube channel, you should understand what it is. A travel vlog is a series of videos that captures a person’s vacation. Vloggers post their videos on social media to give viewers an insight into their adventures.

how to start a travel youtube channel
A travel vlog is a series of videos that captures a person’s vacation

Travel vlogs have grown in popularity in recent years. YouTube has played an important part in providing a forum for you to share your trips and get millions of followers.

2. Types of Travel Vlog Videos

Before you begin making vacation videos, you should consider the types of videos you want to make. If you do not know how to start, let’s try all. After some trial and error, you will be able to enjoy what you like.

2.1 Travel Vlogs

Vlogs are often known as video blogs. Travel channels focus on reality and they do not need to be perfectly edited or recorded. You can film or record by yourself.  According to the BBC, the greatest vloggers establish trust with their audience. Vlogs are the way to create travel videos that are meant to be natural.

how to start a travel youtube channel
Travel vlogs focus on the real trip and daily life

2.2 Travel Guide Videos

A travel guide destination video is also a type of vlog.  These videos can be optimized for search engines to ensure that they continue to be viewed. Destination trip vlogs can take a lot of planning, footage, and editing. However, the benefits you can see from these pillar-style videos would be enormous.

how to grow a travel youtube channel
A travel guide destination video helps people to have a perfect trip

2.3 Channel Marketing Videos

Because videos are so fascinating, they may be extremely useful for marketing and promotion. The “About” on your page is certainly one of the most visited sites. Thus, you can create an “About Me” video. Let people see your voice and face will increase your trustworthiness.

how to start a travel youtube channel
Channel Marketing Videos help promote the channel effectively

2.4 Niche Videos

If food travel is your favorite, you can choose to focus on your specialization. This is such a type of niche video. Choosing a niche in which you are interested and creating videos centered on that interest.

how to start a travel youtube channel
Choosing a niche in which you are interested and creating videos is important

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3. How can I make money through travel blogging?

Understanding how to start a personal youtube channel will help you make money. Vlogging is an excellent method to earn money while traveling. If you do it correctly, you can make it a full-time job. Ads Can Help will suggest some activities to make a profit from travel blogging.

  • Affiliate marketing: Affiliate marketing options will be attached with hotel recommendations and products from brands.
  • Freelance writing projects: When you are popular, you will have the chance to give tips to your viewers. You can leverage your network to get freelance writing jobs that pay well.
  • YouTube videos: The majority of successful travel bloggers make money from advertising on YouTube. It is a good idea to publish regularly and share your videos widely to boost your income.
  • eBooks: You can cover a wide range of topics and locate another source of revenue as long as the content is relevant.
how to start a youtube travel channel
Affiliate marketing options will be attached to brands

4. How to start & grow a travel YouTube channel

If you want to be a travel vlogger and share your experiences, developing a Youtube channel can be a great way to earn money. Ads Can Help will suggest to you how to start a travel youtube channel and develop it.

4.1 Choose a specialty niche

Even though millions of people travel the world and share their experiences, only a few become renowned. The best travel bloggers do not just record random videos of their journeys. They have a distinct point of view on which everything revolves.

how to start a travel youtube channel
To get your travel vlog off to a good start, you must identify your niche

To get your travel vlog off to a good start, you must first identify your niche. You need to begin by considering your travel preferences and hobbies. Do you enjoy backpacking? Do you have a favorite vacation spot? These are questions that you should ask yourself before making a video.

4.2 Create your YouTube channel

After you have decided on a specialty, you need to create your channel. Making a wonderful name for your vacation vlog is important. There are numerous names to choose from, but your selected name must reflect your personality and specialization. The closer they are to each other, the easier it will be for others to find your videos.

how to start a travel youtube channel
After you have decided on a specialty, you need to create your channel

Next, you have to decide where you will distribute your travel videos to the target audience. With 122 million visitors each day, YouTube is by far the most popular medium for sharing video content. 

how to start a personal youtube channel
Adding contact information, and descriptions to your new channel profile

Finally, add photographs, contact information, and descriptions to your new channel profile. Include connections to your other social media profiles so that people may discover you elsewhere. Additionally, include a link to your YouTube channel on all of your social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

4.3 The best vlogging equipment

Besides the high-quality content, equipment is also important to increase the attraction of your videos. Ads Can Help will suggest to you some items that are essential when making a video.

  • Lightweight camera with image stabilization: You can use your phone or a dedicated camera like the Sony Cybershot.
  • Flexible tripod: A Gorillapod is compact, flexible, and simple to use.
  • An external microphone: A Go Pro-style action camera is recommended.
how to start a travel youtube channel
Besides the high-quality content, equipment is also important

4.4 Begin filming

Before you begin, it is helpful to have a basic format in mind. In your vacation videos, you should tell a tale with a beginning, middle, and end. Make viewers feel as if they are present. You can allow them to experience your travel.

how to start a travel youtube channel
You should tell a tale with a beginning, middle, and end by filming

4.5 Edit Videos

Before exploring how to grow a travel youtube channel, you should learn to edit videos. All you need to get started making videos is some video editing software. There are numerous tutorials available on YouTube.

how to start a personal youtube channel
Edit video is important to attract the viewers

Moreover, making a little video intro will also help your videos stand out. Watching other travel vloggers is not only a great source of inspiration, but it is also a great opportunity to learn new methods.

Editing formula – 4 Steps

A standard for a video duration length is 3 to 10 minutes. However, you can experiment with different lengths. There are 4 steps to editing the formula: 

  • Introduction: The first 10 seconds of your movie are crucial. People will quit your video if it is not engaging enough. Captivating viewers’ attention with anything interesting about the topic of your video is important.
  • Your brand logo (5 seconds): Next, publicize your brand. 
  • Body of the video (3–8 minutes, or sometimes longer): This is the main plot of your video.
  • Ending and Call To Action (about 10 – 15 seconds): It is a good idea to include a call to action at the end of your video. You can include an end card that introduces your channel.
how to start a travel youtube channel
A standard for a video duration length is 3 to 10 minutes

Tools for Editing

When editing a video, you need support from some tools. They will help you in the journey of finding how to start a travel youtube channel:

  • Video Editing Software: There are numerous tools available for editing videos. You can use Adobe Premiere, but Final Cut Pro is also a popular alternative on Macs. However, there are also excellent free editing programs available, such as Lightworks.
  • Voice Over: Recording your voice and overlaying it on video is an excellent method to add more information to your travel videos.
  • Music: Music can make or break a vacation video, so choosing something appropriate for the mood is critical. However, be cautious of copyrights and only utilize music that you have permission to use. 
  • Natural Background Sounds: You can consider utilizing less music and more natural background sounds if applicable. Another thing to take notice of is what people are saying about your videos in the comments section.
how to start a travel youtube channel
You can choose some video Editing Software to support you

4.6 Upload your video to your YouTube channel

It is time to publish your videos on YouTube after you have shot and edited them. You may add all of the final touches, such as keywords, titles, and annotations before making them public.

how to grow a travel youtube channel
When uploading a video, you should add final touches such as keywords and titles

Then, you need to sign in to your YouTube account and select Upload in the upper right corner. After that, you have to drag your video file onto the upload screen. 

4.7 Optimize Your YouTube Video

Optimizing a Youtube Video is important. It will be worthwhile in the long run if you want to concentrate on this job. There are some points of optimization:

  • Keyword Research: You can use Google Keyword Planner to find specific terms or phrases with a high search volume. Then, utilize them as your primary keywords. 
  • Video File:  If you already have your keywords selected that pertain to the video, you can name them and add some metadata. Then, save your video as mp4 and upload it.
  • Title: It is preferable to put your keywords at the beginning of your title.
  • Description: There is a description box on every YouTube video where you may provide information about your video. It is a good idea to put your keywords in the description box every 100 words or so. 
  • Keyword Tags: You should include your target keyword as the first tag or use synonyms and other related words.
  • Advanced Settings: You need to fill out any extra settings that YouTube provides for you. They will include the location, category, and recording date.
  • Thumbnail Image: Attractive video thumbnails might influence viewers to watch your channel.
  • Subtitles and Closed Captions: According to YouTube, creating video subtitles and closed captions is a time-consuming effort. However, it can be a smart idea to increase your viewership. 
how to start a travel youtube channel
You can use Google Keyword Planner to find primary keywords

4.8 Promote your video content

There are two basic ways to promote your channel that are under your control:

  • Gain Subscribers: Subscribers are people who subscribe to your YouTube channel. When you publish a video, they are notified. Then, subscribers frequently view your most recently published videos right away.
  • Create Evergreen Videos (Video SEO): Evergreen content is defined as videos that rank well when people search on YouTube or Google. These clips continuously attract new viewers. As the result, you always have the potential to convert them into subscribers. The optimize section above summarizes tips for making evergreen videos.
how to start a travel youtube channel
You can gain your subscribers by interacting with them

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5. 10 Ways to grow your travel YouTube channel

After knowing the basic thing of how to start a travel channel on youtube, there are many suggestions for you to grow your Youtube: 

  • Watch Time: This is the number of minutes a viewer spends watching a video. Watch time equals engagement, and YouTube wants visitors to stay on the site and view videos. If you can create compelling travel videos that have a longer time than other videos, your video will more likely rank better.
  • Video Schedule: Sticking to your routine if you are focused on generating YouTube videos. Another advantage of having a timetable is that it forces you to do things – no procrastination.
  • Intro Video on Channel: Since the introduction of the current YouTube channel designs, there is a place for an introductory video. You should make a call to action for viewers to subscribe for additional videos.
  • Playlists: They are essential for all YouTube channels. All of your videos should be stored in a playlist, which is a collection of videos with a common topic and category. This encourages viewers to stay watching videos.
  • Annotations and Cards: They are clickable boxes that appear with a message when you are watching a YouTube video. You can use them to urge people to rate your video. Cards are more visually that allow you to link to another website from your video.
  • Comments: YouTube wants to see the interaction when your video is launched. You should request people post thumbs up and comment on your channel.
  • Real organic YouTube promotions: The thousands of people in your target audience will see your videos thanks to Youtube promotion services. With natural likes and subscribers, you may expand your business or showcase your ability to the world.
how to grow a travel youtube channel
There is a need for an introductory video

6. 10 best travel Youtube channels to follow in 2022

If you want to develop your Youtube channel, following some best travel influencers is important. Having a long experience and knowing how to attract viewers, they will provide you with some tips that are good for your travel video on Youtube.

6.1 Mark Wiens (Migrationology) – 9,28 Million subscribers

Migrationology is a cuisine travel site where foodies from all over the world can be found. This channel was established by Mark Wiens. He is known as one of the famous travel vloggers. He was born in Thai Lan. Currently, his Youtube channel has reached 9.28 million subscribers.

6.2 Jonna Jinton4,18 Million subscribers

Jonna Jinton is an artist, musician, filmmaker,  and Youtuber. She started a channel to highlight experiences from her new life and to express her love for nature. Jonna Jinton’s vlogs about her daily life are out of the norm. The blonde content maker posts videos about life in the wild, old building renovations, traditional Swedish interior design, and natural beauties.

6.3 Drew Binsky  3,3 Million subscribers

Drew Binsky is a world traveler, social media star, and film artist. He becomes a travel blogger and visits every country on the planet. Binsky’s trips are documented on his YouTube channel and other social media sites. He holds two Guinness World Records. They are the most UNESCO World Heritage Site visits in 24 hours and the quickest time to pack a suitcase.

6.4 Jennelle Eliana 3,3 Million subscribers

Jennelle Eliana is one of the most well-known influencers. Thanks to her 1995 GMC Vandura Explorer and pet snake Alfred, she becomes a famous Youtubers with 3,3 million fans. Jennelle began uploading films of her travels across California late last year. Jennelle is also known as the nickname “Van Life” girl after documenting her life living and traveling.

6.5 Kara and Nate3,26 Million subscribers

Kara and Nate are two of the most well-known YouTube vloggers. They are a travel couple who set the goal of visiting 100 countries. The couple decided to take a year off and travel around the world as much as they could, creating daily vlogs and having fun. 

On January 12, 2016, the pair launched their travel channel with their debut video named  “First Vlog Ever 20+ Hours to Tokyo”. Over the last five years, the duo has amassed over 3.07 million YouTube subscribers.

6.6 Fun For Louis1,98 Million subscribers

Today, Louis Cole is regarded as the most influential travel blogger. Nevertheless, his adventurous life began a long time ago. Louis grew up in a little town near London, England. He was involved in the world of traveling, and being part of a diverse group at an early age. He enjoys road trips and learns about various cultures and lifestyles.

His travel began when creating the channel Food For Louis. By documenting eating feats, the channel was dedicated to exotic meals. He did get a great deal of renown through this channel. Louis wanted to inspire and motivate others to go out of their routines with 1.98 subscribers on Youtube.

6.7 Lost LeBlanc – 2,04 Million subscriber

Lost LeBlanc creates travel-related content such as videos and blogs on Youtube. His topics are the best ten locations to visit in Bali, why he did not enjoy his trip to Easter Island, and how to travel in some countries. He frequently accompanies his girlfriend in each video. Through the channel with 1.98 followers, he provides people with a personal look into his life.

6.8 Sailing la Vagabonde1,78 Million subscribers

Riley Whitelum and Elayna Carausu are two Australian video bloggers. They collaborate to create the YouTube channel Sailing La Vagabonde. The channel follows the pair on their sailing boat La Vagabonde. 

Currently, it has almost 1.728 million members and is the most popular sailing YouTube channel. They have sailed across the Mediterranean, Atlantic, Caribbean, and Pacific. Many people have been influenced by their vlogs of swimming with tiger sharks and residing on a desolate island.

6.9 Mountain Trekker1,57 Million subscribers

Varun Vagish is also known as Mountain Trekker. His Youtube channel has over 1,57 million subscribers. He quit his work and chose to pursue his aspirations of being a full-time traveler. Vanish’s travel vlogging focuses on travel web series in Hindi with plenty of inexpensive travel ideas and tactics. 

He has also received the prestigious National Tourism Award from the Government of India for his efforts in tourism marketing. Vagish has been publishing films about his travels on YouTube even during the outbreak.

6.10 The Bucket List Family1,42 Million subscribers

The Gee family is known online as the Bucket List Family. Garrett and Jessica are the parents, and their children are Manilla, Dorothy, and Calihan. The family has become quite popular in the online world for their trip content, with over 1,4 million YouTube subscribers.

The Bucket List Family makes and publishes trip videos on YouTube, as well as beautiful travel photos on Instagram. They also have blog postings on their website. Every week, the Gees upload a new video on their YouTube channel. These movies chronicle their travels and most recent exploits, such as teaching their youngest child to swim in Seychelles. If you are finding a Youtube channel about family trips, The Bucket List Family is the best option for you.

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After reading this article, you can have an overview of how to start a travel youtube channel. It is not difficult to launch your video if you prepare it carefully. You should apply 10 ways to grow your channel and follow some famous Youtubers. Then, take notice of using some tools which optimize your videos. If you want to explore more about the way of building a channel, let’s contact AdsCanHelp !


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