How To Get Suspended YouTube Account Back – Detail Guide

youtube account suspended

Sometimes, you may accidentally get your YouTube account suspended. There are many reasons for the problem; therefore, this could be a dead-end for your channel if you don’t have enough knowledge.

Luckily, with our help, you will know all the knowledge about YouTube account terminations without waiting for Youtube answers and actively solving your problems.

Let’s see what we’ve got for you!

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1. What does account suspended mean on YouTube?

If you get your YouTube account terminated, it means that YouTube will no longer let your account be viable to other viewers. Sometimes, it is a permanent decision. However, it is not always the case, depending on how you violate the policy stated in the Community Guidelines.

youtube account suspended
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As mentioned earlier, there are many reasons for the suspension. During our research, we’ve found out that people usually violate many guidelines, such as promoting violent acts or verbally insulting individuals and groups, breaking the child safety policy, and copy infringement.

Lately, the primary reason for most suspended accounts is spreading wrong information about Covid-19, mostly talking about how ineffective face masks are.

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2. How did I end up with a suspended YouTube account?

As mentioned earlier, understanding Youtube community guidelines is crucial to know why your youtube account is suspended. You may think you don’t do anything, but Youtube sees differently.

2.1 YouTube’s community guidelines

Previously you did not use the safe organic YouTube promotion method, but used the policy violation advertising method, virtual users,… Here are some content videos that Youtube prohibits uploading on the platform.

Firstly, the deceptive, misleading content, including scams, spam, or tricky video details, like titles, thumbnails, comments.

Some examples can be selling fake engagements, tricking users into following other creators in exchange for their followers, manipulating navigating users out of Youtube, and using misleading titles and thumbnails to trick people into clicking into the video.

Secondly, you should be careful of sensitive content, such as sexual content, child endangerment, self-harm, vulgar language like profanities combined with violence.

Thirdly, any violent acts, along with harassment or insults, will be banned from this social media platform.

Finally, the misinformation that may negatively affects the public and politics, just like the case of Covid-19 incorrect information. Or some content aims to promote the sales of dangerous goods, such as weapons.

2.2 How community guideline strikes get your YouTube channel suspended

Like we’ve said before, your Youtube channel can be suspended temporarily or permanently, depending on your behaviors. Here is the process:

youtube account is suspended
Youtube mobile app

The first time you violate, Youtube will eliminate your video and email you mentioning the policy you’ve violated. During this time, your account is not suspended yet.

If you continue to not comply with the guidelines, this time, Youtube will issue a strike, forcing your channel to be suspended for a week. You are prohibited from uploading videos, posts, stories, releasing trailers, live streaming, and modifying your playlists during the suspension.

But that’s not the end; after the suspension, in 90 days, you have to clear your record to avoid additional suspension. You can consider this is the challenge Youtube gave to you to prove that you are worthy of your account.

With the second strike, your account will be suspended for two weeks. And your Youtube channel will be permanently removed if you hit the third strike within 90 days.

2.3 Copyright infringements and YouTube suspension

Like any violation, your channel will be banned after the third strike within 90 days, and copy infringements are not the exception.

The first time you get the copyright strike, it can be considered a warning, and you will need to process it through Copyright school.

The second time, your Youtube account will be suspended, and you will not be able to live stream for a week. Finally, receiving the third strike will permanently make your account out of the platform.

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3. Do I get notified when my YouTube account is suspended?

The answer is yes. Getting your Youtube account terminated means that you receive a strike from Youtube. And you will get notified in the following ways:

youtube account terminations

Firstly, your email. Youtube will tell you about what policies you’ve violated.

Secondly, a notification in your Youtube app on your phone or desktop

And finally, there will be a channel warning when you sign in to your Youtube account.

4. How to recover your suspended YouTube account yourself

On dealing with how to recover suspended youtube account, there is a way that we frequently suggest to our readers is to appeal your strike. 

All you have to do is click on the “Appeal” option when accessing your Channel Violations section in your Dashboard. If you appear innocent, your video will be back on this platform.

There are a few points you should remember. Firstly, you can only appeal your account after your strike’s 30 days. Secondly, you will need to include your channel’s URL; otherwise, your complaints will be rejected immediately.

Another way to deal with your youtube account terminations is to email counter-notifications to deal with copyright infringements.

In the email body, you need to include your personal information, such as your name, address, email, phone number, your channel’s URL, compliance with the verification statements, your signature, and why this video elimination is a misidentification.

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We hope that after this article, you will know the reason for your youtube account suspended and how to solve this issue. Understanding Youtube guidelines will save you a lot of time and effort to bring your Youtube channel back.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section. Ads Can Help will be grateful that you choose us as the reliable information source to guide you through this situation.


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