Best Time To Post on YouTube Your Videos 2022 [Latest]

best time to post on youtube

Many people when uploading videos to YouTube always have a question “What is the best time to post on Youtube?”. If you upload a video at a time when few people are active on Youtube, your video will definitely not reach as many people as possible.

In this piece, we’ll offer our results to assist you in figuring out when the optimal time is to upload videos to YouTube and some helpful hints for rookie publishers. Let’s go down the page now!

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1. Why is publishing time ​on YouTube important?

YouTube is a prominent social media tool that appeals to most Americans (70–80 percent of all internet users), and statistics show that individuals of all ages use it.

According to Cisco, almost 2 billion internet video subscribers would have viewed three trillion minutes of material by the end of 2021. As such, that’s five million years of video for a single human.

best time to post on youtube
Posting videos at the right time can help your videos get more views

As discussed, because 70 percent of the total YouTube viewers watch videos during peak times, publishing at these times might bring in 2X–5X more views. That’s why you have to choose the best time to upload a video to YouTube. That’s also a response to the question, “Why are YouTube publishing times important?”. If you do not want to be complicated with this problem, you can choose the pay for YouTube promotion.

2. Best time to upload YouTube videos

Now, let’s take a moment to discover the best time to upload a YouTube video content and other useful information you need to know! 

2.1 Best times to post a video on YouTube

Knowing the best time to post a YouTube video may be beneficial when starting with your YouTube channel and not knowing where to start. And it’s also a free way to promote your YouTube channel. Now, on to the five best times to post a YouTube video!

Thursdays and Fridays 2:00 – 4:00 pm EST

The ideal YouTube posting hours for primetime watching (7:00 – 10:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time) are 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays.

There’s no denying that the hours of 7–10 p.m. on Thursdays and Fridays are perfect for getting noticed on YouTube. Almost all studies agree that now is the best moment for companies to promote their films.

Wednesdays at 4:00 pm EST

Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m. are also the best time to post on YouTube for primetime viewing.

Wednesdays are a bit of an outlier on YouTube because some studies say it’s one of the greatest days to upload while others say it’s one of the worst.

We believe that your business and audience will determine the success of Wednesday, and because several experts have found this to be a productive time slot, you may wish to add it to your trials.

Sunday Mornings at 11:00 am EST 

We can’t miss Sunday mornings at 11:00 a.m. since Sunday afternoons get high traffic.

Many people suggest uploading between 9:00 and 11:00 a.m. EST, with 11:00 a.m. being the most popular time.

While some studies suggest that you should broadcast your brand films on Sunday nights, most experts advise that you should do so before 11:00 a.m. EST to combat the popular Sunday afternoon visitors.

Saturdays 9:00 – 11:00 am EST 

Saturday mornings are the fourth-best time published on YouTube to attract Saturday afternoon viewers’ interest.

According to many statistics, Saturday is one of the greatest days to publish, so this is a good place to start if you may not have enough data to figure out your audience’s watching behavior.

Any Weekday between 2:00 – 4:00 pm EST

Any weekday between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. EST is ideal for uploading to YouTube.

Mondays and Tuesdays are a source of debate since many people believe they are the worst days of the week for posting.

best time to post on youtube
Summary of when you should upload videos to YouTube

2.2 Best time of day to post the video on YouTube

The best time to upload to YouTube is between 2 and 4 p.m. EST.

best time to upload a youtube video
The best time to upload to YouTube is between 2 and 4 p.m. EST

Almost always, posting between 2 and 4 p.m. EST for evening viewing provides better outcomes.

2.3 Best time to upload on Youtube of the week

The ideal days of the week to upload videos to YouTube are  Thursdays and Fridays. And, Sundays are the second-best day of the week for YouTube uploads.

To ensure that your videos are listed in YouTube’s recommender system, submit them a few hours before peak watching periods.

best time to post youtube videos
Thursdays and Fridays is the best choice of the week to upload videos to YouTube

2.4 Best time of the year to post the video on YouTube

According to a Tubefilter analysis, YouTube viewing is greater in October, November, December, January, and February than in any other month. In other words, the best period to publish on YouTube is from October to February.

best time to post a youtube video
October to February is the best time of the year for YouTube

2.5 Best time to publish youtube video for your industry

Surprisingly, industry-specific recommendations don’t differ much from the overall optimal posting timings.

The main variation between the ideal post times for brands and industries is that some industries may wish to publish as early as noon rather than waiting until 2:00 pm.

youtube best time to upload
There are some industries that have a rather special interaction period

According to the business, the optimal time to publish on YouTube are:

  • 12 pm to 4 pm EST for B2B brands
  • 12 pm to 4 pm EST for B2C brands
  • 12 pm to 4 pm EST for SaaS brands
  • 12 pm to 4 pm EST for media brands
  • 12 pm to 4 pm EST for healthcare brands

2.6 YouTube posting times with potential

If you’re a newbie and want to grow your brand’s reach, try releasing videos when there’s less competition. Most companies dislike the time slots listed below, while others enjoy them.  We recommend including these posting times into your weekly schedule on Monday and Tuesdays from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m. EST for primetime viewing in the evenings. And, we hope they help your channel get more subscribers.

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3. How to find the best time to post on YouTube?

In this part, we’ll recommend to you some following tips on choosing the best time to post youtube videos. Continue reading to learn more!

3.1 Step 1: Go to YouTube Studio 

You’re looking for the brand-new study “When Your Viewers are on YouTube.” Go to YouTube Studio, click “Analytics” and then choose “Audience” to locate it.

If it does not appear yet,  maybe because it’s still a test feature as of May 2020. Alternatively, your channel may not yet have enough views to provide you with useful information about when your visitors are on YouTube.

best time to post on youtube
Report on your audience through Youtube Analytic

3.2 Step 2: Find the date with the darkest purple lines

“Few of your viewers are on YouTube,” as seen by the light purple bars. On the other hand, dark purple bars indicate that “A significant number of your viewers are on YouTube.” Therefore, you should choose the day with the deepest purple bars to determine the best day. 

the best time to post on youtube
Dark purple bars indicate that “A significant number of your viewers are on YouTube.”

3.3 Step 3: Post your video 2 hours before prime time

The issue of releasing videos at precisely the right moment is that you’re not giving YouTube enough time to search and evaluate your video and maybe suggest it to more viewers. 

Thus, you’re losing out on views you could have obtained by uploading your video earlier in the day. That is why your vlog should be released two hours before the peak of your channel’s viewing hours.

what is the best time to post video on youtube
Pre-uploading the video will help you a lot

3.4 Step 4: Upload your video a few hours before and publish it at the right time

If you publish your films (in private) a few hours before going live so that you have enough time to allow YouTube to process your video in SD and HD if you post it on time. Note that when you upload 4K movies, it takes significantly longer. 

best time to post on youtube
Remember when you upload a video to YouTube it will take some time to process

Next, write an attractive title, include all necessary information in your description, and submit a good thumbnail. Then, let YouTube review your video for an ad-suitability strategy.

3.5 Step 5: Find the best day and time to get even more views

If you upload more than once a week, the most important video should be released on the most appropriate day and hour. Also, as we’ve shown above, you may prepare by looking at the best times. This is how to get more views on YouTube for your video.

best time to post on youtube
Consider the best times to upload videos

4. How to find the best time to post a new Youtube video without YouTube’s advanced report feature? 

Choose for yourself a reasonable time, because you can also integrate Youtube video promotion if there is a good time frame.

We’ll summarize the ideal days and hours to upload to YouTube in the table below:

The Best Time To Post Youtube Videos 
Days Hours
Mondays 2–4 p.m. EST
Tuesdays 2–4 p.m. EST
Wednesdays 2–4 p.m. EST
Thursdays 12–3 p.m. EST
Fridays 12–3 p.m. EST
Saturdays 9–11 a.m. EST
Sundays 9–11 a.m. EST

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5. Worst times to release YouTube video

While we’d prefer to benefit on high-traffic occasions, there are times when YouTube viewing. Thus, we’ll show you how to prevent publishing on YouTube during certain periods of the day, week, and year. Below is the info we’d like to share:

5.1 Worst overall times to release video 

There are two periods of the week that all research and views agree are bad for posting: Monday and Tuesday mornings are the worst times to upload to YouTube.

While any time worth testing for your audience is worthwhile, we recommend putting these times at the bottom of your priority list.

Nobody likes Monday and Tuesday mornings and afternoons, and there is no response to films that surface during these periods.

best time to post on youtube
Avoid dark red moments

5.2 How do time zones affect the best posting times?

Consumers in the Eastern Time Zone may be catered to by companies reporting on the best posting times.

If you’re just getting started with your YouTube channel and don’t know much about your audience, you can use their time zone. 

In other words, you should publish in the time zone of your audience or target audience. And, if your target audience is national or international, publish in Eastern Standard Time.

Suppose you focus on a Southern California audience, post between 2 and 4 p.m pacific time instead of the recommended 2–4 p.m eastern time. 

If you’re not sure what time zone your audience is in, or if they’re dispersed throughout the United States or the world, start with Eastern Standard Time.

best time to upload a youtube video
Time zone also greatly influences to the best posting times

5.3 Worst months of the year to release video

There isn’t a lot of data about the worst months to publish to YouTube. According to a Frederator Networks survey, YouTube watching decreases in May and September.

These two months are the months to avoid uploading to YouTube. We can’t be sure when the year’s worst months will be in 2021 or beyond because the Frederator study was released in 2015.

best time to post youtube videos
If you don’t post a video for a month it’s even worse

5.4 Worst days of the week To Post A Video

By universal opinion, Mondays and Tuesdays are the least-favorite days of the week for uploading to YouTube. Some experts recommend publishing on Monday evenings, but most agree that there isn’t enough traffic or interaction early in the week to warrant it.

best time to post a youtube video
Nobody likes Mondays, that’s for sure

Best time to post on YouTube FAQ

What is the best time to post on YouTube on Friday?

According to various studies, the ideal time to upload video content on Friday is between 2 and 4 p.m. (EST). Hence, if you submit your video at these times, you will receive a significant amount of views.

What time should I post on YouTube?

You should post your vlog compatible with the behavior of your target audience. It is preferable to look through the YouTube Analytics area and determine when most of your audience is on YouTube, then publish at those times.

How often should you post on YouTube?

Consistently posting on YouTube will help you achieve successful outcomes and grow at a steady rate. You must keep to a schedule if you do not want to lose your subscribers’ attention. It is thought that a weekly posting schedule is appropriate.

However, it depends on your area of expertise and how long it would take you to make a video.

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After reading our post, you now have a clear answer to the question, “What is the best time to post on Youtube your videos?”. 

Furthermore, AdsCanHelp sincerely hope you can determine the ideal times to do the task and learn more about the worst times to prevent issues such as fewer viewers and potential high time slots for fresh publishers!

Thank you for spending your time reading our post and staying tuned for our next article. See you then!


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