20 Ways To Get More Views On YouTube For Free In 2022

How to get more views on youtube

Do you want to get more views on Youtube for free? well then this article will be perfect for you. In this article, I am going to introduce to you the “smart” ways of getting your video seen by a huge number of people which could potentially lead to more views.

With these methods you do not have to buy YouTube views and even if someone is looking at it, they won’t know that it was bought, they’ll keep on watching.

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1. What counts as a view on YouTube?

The platform requires two distinct actions: there’s a click, there’s a watch. A view on YouTube is counted when a user watches at least 30 seconds of a video.  However, it is an attempt to confirm the views of real humans – not robots. The only way to ensure that is to click or tap your fingers on the play button.

If a person visits a website with a youtube embedded video and plays it, they watch that clip for at least 30 seconds; it also counts as a view.  In case you rewatch the clip, it is also a new view. But, in the next part, there is a detailed explanation of this case! 

What Counts As A View On YouTube?
A view is counted when a user watches at least 30 seconds of a video

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2. What doesn’t count as a view on YouTube?

When people visit another website, and the embedded youtube video plays automatically, and they watch it, youtube doesn’t count this as a view.  YouTube will continue to count the view of a video that has been played repeatedly by the same user, but with five or more views, YouTube will not count anymore. 

While experts can only speculate why this might happen, common sense indicates that there might be deceit here if a person watches a clip multiple times a day.

How to get more views on youtube
YouTube still counts views of the same person under 5 views

3. Get more views from YouTube’s organic search results

YouTube ranking in organic search results has changed quite frequently recently and they keep certain things closely under wraps. If you want more views on YouTube, make sure the content is titillating and of a high quality.

Yet, our research suggests that these are the four key points to rank higher on YouTube’s search engine: include video thumbnail images, video titles, keywords, and tags so as to appear correctly when the members of its community are creating new videos or uploading newly published videos to its site.

3.1 Use descriptive and keyword-rich video titles

A well-thought-out and informative title will be sure to boost view counts as it not only capitalizes on the power of algorithm YouTube search results but also attracts people and lets them know what they can expect from the video you’ve created!

When optimizing your videos on YouTube, be sure to take a look at the Keyword Planner tool. Just select the YouTube tab, and you’ll find the search volume estimates, which is a qualitative assessment of just how interested people are in each keyword. This is a way to exploit the organic YouTube promotion services.

Get more views by titles
Be sure to take a look at the Keyword Planner tool

3.2 Have quality and rich descriptions of keywords

The video’s description is where you can better explain to users and search engines alike what your clip is specifically about. Doing so will help you increase the click-through rate, which helps your clips gain more attention.

Visually describe your clip as if it was an advertisement while remaining intriguing yet still somewhat generic to the viewer so that they are compelled to click through and view your content.

Get more views by descriptions
What is your clip specifically about?

3.3 Use Tags

Tag helps the algorithm know what your videos are about and also assists people in finding your clips when they search, along with the title and description. Then, you should add channel tags to achieve high rankings on the search bar on Youtube.

You can also use the Keyword Planner tool for help and choose the short-tail keywords for tags instead. 

how to get more views on youtube
Tag helps the algorithm know what your videos are about

3.4 Optimize your video thumbnails

A well-chosen image has been shown to increase engagement with audiences, whether they happen to see it via organic search results or suggestion section.

Make use of high-quality photos featuring clear, engaging fonts paired with a close-up shot for your video’s main character or subject if applicable. So, you should optimize your video thumbnails after uploading a video to youtube.

Get more views by optimize your video thumbnails
A well-chosen image has been shown to increase engagement with audiences

3.5 Captions or transcripts of your videos 

Many people have argued over whether a video’s transcript could help raise your ranking and get more views on YouTube. But what we do know is that closed captions can help grab more attention, especially if your videos are in another language or if you cater to international viewers or disabled audiences.

Ranking high for organic results can earn you more views without paying for them and help your channel become more visible to the platform’s algorithms.  

Get view YouTube free
Subtitles are also a way to help you attract viewers

4. Increase views with your video content

It’s not just young people with the full attention of pop culture who want a YouTube channel. Plenty of adults want to take on the platform too in order to hone their skills, grow their online presence, and make a little money on the side. With upwards of 1 billion+ YouTube users around the world and 300 hours uploaded onto the site every minute, there’s plenty of demand for your particular type of content.

Here are some tips to help you use YouTube more effectively when you’re trying to get more views:

4.1 Your video content should provide value to the viewer

Successful content needs to have a powerful narrative. Whether you’re creating any video – you must take the time to explore what you can offer others about a given topic. 

That way, when viewers finish watching, they’ll instantly want more because they’ll know there’s valuable information available through you.

How to increase views on YouTube
Create valuable content for your viewers

4.2 Content of viral trends

You can tap into the hungry market by creating recurring themes of viral sensations. You can easily appeal to the public’s desire by giving them something they know will be funny, exciting, or otherwise engaging.

It’s impossible to try and tie all your products into an ongoing trend; however, if you can do it, you can bring more eyeballs to your channel due to the high demand of looking for relevant content on viral news topics.

Get more view by viral trends
You can bring more viewers to your channel with viral trends

4.3 Use influencer marketing, guest YouTubers

You might not know that guest YouTubers can work wonders for pumping up your views. 

YouTube influencers who already have an established user base of their own can significantly raise your profile and drive new traffic to your site because your content reaches out to a wider pool of potential viewers and subscribers.

Get more views by influencer
YouTube influencers can significantly raise your profile and drive new traffic to your site

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5. How to get views from the YouTube platform

5.1 Create video content that best mimics your industry

You can make some clips that imitate the best ones in your field. Getting great ideas from popular videos will help you make one that will catch people’s attention and get more views. 

You can start by having similar keywords or descriptions and make your content different in a better and more creative way.

get more views on youtube
Check out popular videos and get a little creative

5.2 Create end-screens

The end screen is such a cool concept. You can use this part as the best YouTube promotion service for your channel, playlist, or other videos you’ve produced.

To use this feature, go to Video Manger -> choose the clip -> Edit -> End Screens & Annotations. 

Get more views by end-screens
The end screen is such a cool concept.

5.3 YouTube optimization features

One of the popular optimization features of this platform is Cards. Cards allow you to show viewers something other than your main content, inviting people to continue watching additional clips on your channel. 

It would help if you utilized YouTube’s behavioral analytics tool to find out when users leave the page so that you can place a card before that time to grab their attention beforehand.

youtube how to get more views
Cards are a way for you to optimize the content on your YouTube channel

5.4 Create playlists for your content

The clip can automatically play after the first one finishes by posting playlists, which saves time for your viewers as they don’t have to re-open their player or wait for the next video to load. 

It will attract traffic directly to your channel, enabling you to increase each clip’s total views.

Get more views by playlists
Playlists will attract traffic directly to your channel

5.5 Enable autoplay for embedded content

When the video is an explainer, you could make your embeds more useful by allowing users to automatically jump up to the part of the video that explains what’s being shown or discussed by using the autoplay feature.

Nevertheless, automatically playing clips when embedded may irritate some users; you should consider which type of content should be used with this feature. 

how i get more views on youtube
Consider using YouTube autoplay with your videos

5.6 Marquee Videos

Creating marquee videos on YouTube is the way to go if you want to draw traffic and views on your channel and clips. 

So when should you have a marquee video? It’s better if your clip views should be at least 5,000 to be more visible on search results because of its existing popularity.

getting more views on youtube
Make marquee videos and you’ll be amazed at what you get

5.7 Be present in your niche community

Being a part of the niches you aim to serve is an important factor in developing your products and ensuring they reach the right audience. 

Leave a comment or feedback on their channels, and share their content when appropriate so that perhaps you might end up getting more attention than you give!

how do get more views on youtube
In the right community and you’ll always be supported

6. SEO off-page YouTube

6.1 Boost your Video’s SEO ranking

SEO is important in any website, and it’s even more important for a video website like YouTube. That’s because the search engines see it as a kind of website. 

Get more view by SEO
You should manage to achieve a high ranking on the SERPs

When you manage to achieve a high ranking on the SERPs, then your number of views will also increase, bringing in more traffic which helps you grow your channel.

6.2 Influencer marketing

Corporations nowadays use influencer marketing to find social media stars for their campaigns. It is a fast and effective way to reach a target audience.

It’s important to think about what kind of audience you want to attract when deciding which influencers you want to choose for your brand, and the Unamo Social Media tool can help you do it.

how to make youtube more views
Partner with influencers, but be the right ones

6.3 Share your videos on social media profiles

While cross-platform promotion can be a great way to promote your channel, we advise using all the different social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. 

YouTube too provides a share button in the player for this exact purpose – because sharing about something you find entertaining on social media is more likely to result in likes, followers, and views than anything else!

how to get more views on youtube
Social media is very influential

6.4 Embed video subscription

Embedding your clip allows you to extend your reach and grow a larger audience. However, we recommend adding a subscribe button on your channel. 

Views from subscribers tend to generate most of the views for a video, so this widget will give you more views and make sure that you have a set following on your YouTube channel.

Get more view by embed subscription
Embedding your clip allows you to extend your reach and grow a larger audience

6.5 Find the right community to share your videos with

There are a lot of places you can get your videos in front of potential customers. Sites such as Reddit and Quora can be just as valuable because your niche matters to an audience who will vote for their favorite content. 

You can write a Reddit post or answer questions on Quora to introduce your clips or channel! Link youtube to TikTok is the best way to increase views.

how to get more views on youtube
Reddit and Quora, are two places where you can share your content

6.6 Posting about a promotion, giveaway, or raffle

Talking about these kinds of promotions and then redirecting your audience to your channel will get the viewers over there to watch either the pinned post or your latest video, leading to a rise in views for both pieces of content.

how to get more views on youtube
There is no one who does not like to receive gifts

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AdsCanHelp hopes you enjoyed our article on how to get more views on YouTube for free. We know that you can easily grow your channel and get your clips out to the masses with this knowledge.  So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start creating content that will get you more views on the platform!


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