How To Grow YouTube Channel From 0 To 1000 Subscribers

how to grow youtube channel from 0

You are finding the best methods and detailed steps on How to grow YouTube channel from 0 to 1000 Subscribers to get much more subscribers on YouTube – quickly and easily!

Do you never want to begin your YouTube channel with the expectation of having only 50 or 80 subscribers? Certainly not, right? Surely, all YouTubers also desire to attract hundreds or thousands or even billions of subscribers who like following your content. 

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1. Growing your YouTube channel from 0 Subscribers

Each YouTuber had 157 videos before hitting 1000 subscribers and spent 4-12 months to exceed the milestone of 100 subs. 

Several YouTubers are passing 1000 sub milestones more quickly in no more than four months or without uploading over 100 videos. Meanwhile, the struggle to build your new channel successfully is real for numerous YouTube creators.

The initial aim shouldn’t be to become a superstar on YouTube or have a million subs. It, however, should be developed from 0 – 1000 subscribers.

how to grow youtube channel from 0
The struggle to build your new channel successfully is real for the numerous YouTube creators

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2. Why is this 1000 Subscriber milestone a golden number?

The requirements of a YouTube channel are having over 4000 watch hours per year and over 1000 subscribers to make money from YouTube.

Passing the 1000 subs mark unlocks this platform’s monetization. Making little money a month from advertisements motivates the YouTubers to boost 10k or even 100k subs.

how to grow a youtube channel from 0
Passing the 1000 subs mark unlocks the YouTube platform’s monetization

Hitting 1000 subs is truly a big accomplishment and manageable for a brand new creator on YouTube. This mark is perfect and the first goal is to obtain a successful channel on YouTube.

3. How to grow your YouTube channel from 0 to 1000 subscribers

3.1 Pick a niche

The newcomers regularly make one of the major mistakes, which is posting various content on their channel. They’ll make videos about everything interesting to them.

This mistake is common with vloggers because their content is about everything in daily life without any specific or clear niche, which can destroy your first growth of the YouTube channel.

how to grow youtube channel from 0
Create the right content with the right audience

3.2 Find video keywords

1. Create a “Seed Keywords” List

“Seed Keywords” describe a super large topic. If you work in the digital marketing aspect, these words could include LinkedIn Marketing, Content Marketing, Facebook Page, and Social Media.

2. Search “Seed Keywords” on YouTube

3. Find keywords with  low competition

Ultimately, you desire to optimize your content around keywords, which aren’t too competitive to receive many searches. 

So, how can you look for these magical keywords? A helpful suggestion for you is a Chrome Extension named TubeBuddy.

how to grow youtube channel from 0
Seed Keywords describe a super large topic

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3.3 Optimize your video on YouTube

This is probably what you are wondering, first, you must optimize your YouTube videos, to get good results from promotion.

1. Study and use keywords to optimize your content title

2. Create titles maximizing CTR

YouTube has informed that they rank videos by considering click-through rate, unlike Google.

3. Write friendly SEO content descriptions

Short descriptions may hurt the ranking ability in search on YouTube.

4. Optimize Your Content By Using Tags

Below are some methods to write SEO-friendly tags on YouTube:

  • Add 2-3 tags, including the close variations and target keyword.
  • Use two tags to describe the topic of the video and use many words which are different from your main keywords.
  • Use 1-2 tags representing your high-level vertical or industry.

how to grow your channel on youtube

The majority of newcomers advertise their content using different social media, from Instagram to Twitter. For example, they can share their videos on Facebook with family and friends. You can also 

Unfortunately, YouTubers regularly get little or even no traffic if they blindly promote their content this way because of these main reasons below:

  • Lack social proof  
  • Few YouTube subscribers

The audience only follows your channel if they are really into your channel’s content. The best way is to look for an effective social media platform with an engaged, built-in audience. 

Digital marketing is a critical method for promotion. However, there is a better way than only posting your content to most social media channels. Groups on Facebook (not pages), Reddit, or LinkedIn are the best places to share your videos. Maybe you can also try real YouTube promotion instead of advertising on social media channels if it doesn’t work well.

how to grow youtube channel from 0
The majority of newcomers advertise their content using different social media

3.5 Consistency is key in growing a YouTube channel

Newcomers should fix their posting schedule similar to TV shows to Grow a Youtube Channel because a TV show will release each episode simultaneously per week.

Commonly, the YouTubers, who upload a video to YouTube of their content each week, are the most consistent. YouTubers should comply with the same rule, but sometimes they probably are busy with personal work and only release their content every two or three weeks.

No matter which schedule a YouTuber selects, viewers will watch each new video if the creator keeps consistent in posting videos.

how to get views on youtube with 0 subscribers
The YouTubers, who upload their content each week, are the most consistent

3.6 Create quality content

Investing a lot in video production is not poor quality content, but this is one of the how to grow Youtube Channel From 0 Subscribers.

It brings much value to the audience. Viewers like watching your videos because they are entertaining, funny, or educational, for example. This can make YouTube videos viral and make a lot of money from YouTube.

how to get views on youtube with 0 subscribers

Most newcomers are confused that their first content should be high production value, and interesting content means investing more in equipment. In fact, a quality video doesn’t mean highly polished production.

3.7 CTR and watch time are that important

A great CTR provides many benefits below:

  • Advertise your content more on the recommended feeds of everyone.
  • Help to create videos in the future and anticipate success.

A high watch time indicates that the audience retention on YouTube is high. In turn, the recommendation feed and search engine on YouTube introduce those videos to new viewers.

how to start youtube with 0 subscribers
CTR and watch time are two very important factors

3.8 Create longer videos

The key to growing a successful and strong YouTube channel is making longer videos because this action helps earn profit easily through Google Adsense.

Videos that are longer than eight minutes and probably add more than an ad break-in. Creators can control where to place ads and the number of ads they like to insert. In contrast, videos less than eight minutes are allowed to add only one ad, and YouTube will place ads randomly.

However, you should not place too many ad breaks because it can annoy your audience and leave your content.

how do i grow my youtube channel with 0 subscribers
Longer videos help you to add more ads to it

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Indeed, it is difficult to be outstanding among the crowd with increasingly more new channels joining the match on YouTube, especially in 2022.

However, the opportunity to grow your successful channel comes closer to you with useful tricks found in “How To Grow YouTube Channel From 0 To 1000 Subscribers“.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start growing your new account. Stay tuned to AdsCanHelp’s next article!

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