How To Add The YouTube Timestamp On Your Videos? Beginner Guide

YouTube timestamp

Have you ever heard of the YouTube timestamp feature?

YouTube has long been one of the favorite means of video posting for many users. To create a complete and outstanding video, you have to go through many stages, in which editing YouTube timestamp share is an important step. It will make it easier for viewers to watch your clips.

This article will help you understand this concept, its benefits, and how to do it most effectively. Come on, let’s find out too.

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What are timestamps on YouTube? 

Timestamps are roughly the timelines on a video. They are associated with each segment in the clip. 

When viewers tap on these timelines, they can skip through the parts they don’t want to see and go directly to their favorite part of the clip. Individual views make it easy for everyone to get information faster with just one click. 

This time information will be displayed on the right of the video, and in the form of a list, users can drag up and down to select the part of the clip they want to watch. Also, they can be under the video description and hidden.

Clip creators can also name each section so viewers can visualize their exact content. Their names will show up just below these timelines.

What YouTube timestamp
Timestamps are roughly the timelines on a video

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How do I add timestamps to Youtube link? 

First, let’s take a quick look at the steps to help you add timelines to a video.

  • Upload a video to YouTube or select the clip to which you want to add the timeline.
  • Review the content and select the key moments you want to create. Each subsection corresponds to timelines called chapters.
  • Through YouTube Creator Studio, you can edit the timestamps in the description below each video.
  • Type “TIMESTAMPS” and start dividing the video as a list.
  • The start will be “00:00”, click space. Next, you start typing the name for each chapter and do the same for the remaining chapters.
  • Finally, do not forget to click “Save” to save the entire process you have done.
Add YouTube timestamp
Let’s take a quick look at the steps to help you add timelines to a video

Determining YouTube link timestamp on YouTube

Like creating the main headings in an article, choosing chapters is an important step in this process. It will help if you put yourself in the role of a viewer. What do they want, and what keywords will they look for when watching a YouTube channel.

It would help if you first researched the topic and the keywords. This is the first step to crafting an SEO-friendly video. Next, think about the questions viewers often ask when searching for your videos. Answer that question so you can better understand your audience.

All of the above steps will help your videos increase in value and make YouTube videos viral. In addition, they also make it easy to distribute subsections and timelines within each clip.

YouTube timestamp
Add value to your videos with YouTube timestamp

Add a timestamp using YouTube’s share feature

This is the easiest way for beginners.

  • Just open a clip, play it, and stop when you want to use it.
  • Next, select “Share” to open the sharing window.
  • Click the Start at checkbox under the URL, and then alter the timestamp if that’s not accurate.
  • Then copy this URL and share it.
  • Viewers who click on this link will see the timelines you have set up from now on.
Add YouTube timestamp
Add a timestamp using YouTube’s share feature

Add a YouTube timestamp link to a YouTube URL

Next, let’s learn a more manual method.

  • First, look for the video URL displayed in the address bar of your browser software.
  • Then, you have two ways to add a timeline: “?t=1m30s” or “&t=1m30s”. 
  • The first format with a question mark will be for clips without a question mark in the URL. And if the URL in the form of “” has a question mark, you will do it in the second form.
  • If you want to start at the 50th minute, type “t=50m”. Alternatively, you can also choose minutes and seconds or hours and seconds. 
  • For example “t=10m10s” and “t=1h10s”. And remember, you will type these symbols at the end of the link in the address bar.
youtube link with timestamp
You can also use the timestamp feature by URL

Why won’t the YouTube URL timestamp show on my YouTube video?

Usually, after you go through the steps above, YouTube takes a few minutes to review. Therefore, the timestamp will not appear immediately. And make sure to include the timestamp 00:00 in the description field.

youtube link timestamp
It may take a while for YouTube to process your video

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How to Put a Timestamp in a YouTube Comment

While it may appear difficult at first, adding a timestamp to a YouTube remark is simple. You’ll get the hang of it after the first or second time, and there will be no uncertainty in the future.

How to include a Timestamp in a YouTube comment? Let’s go through this procedure in further depth.

Choose the time at which you want to link

To begin, choose the time you wish to link to in your remark. So, go ahead and watch or browse through the movie until you discover a time you’d want to highlight in a remark. People will be sent to the exact instant you link to, so link to the beginning of the tape.

Take note of the time while you pause the video

Take note of the time after you’ve located the moment you want to refer them to. This is the precise time you will use to refer folks to your chosen moment when you publish your remark with your timestamp.

Make a note of the time

After noting the time you want to connect to, you can begin composing your remark. This procedure is straightforward: simply provide the time you want people to see in your remark. The timestamp format is hours:minutes: seconds (with no spaces).

Make your comment public

You’re ready to publish your remark now that you’ve included your chosen timestamp time. You’ve probably commented on videos before, so this should be simple for you. Simply click the blue comment button to get your message posted.

The advantages of YouTube links with timestamp 

YouTube video timestamps benefit SEO

Any video creator wants their products to reach as many viewers as possible. YouTube timestamp descriptions, especially timelines, will help improve your video’s ranking. This is one of the SEO benefits that we want to mention here. So it helps a lot for the effectiveness of YouTube channel promotion.

Viewers do not need to visit, but they will know the content you want to convey through timestamps. They are organized and concise. When the information they want to collect shows up effectively, the higher the search rankings of your clips.

Besides, when you create these timelines, Google will also show them under the video search results. From there, the traffic to your creative products will also be better. From there, attract videos get recommended on YouTube easily.

YouTube timestamp
YouTube timestamp will help improve the SEO of the video

YouTube video chapters enhance user experience

As mentioned above, the timelines will appear in the search results and are known as “Key moments”. Thanks to this, viewers can know the main content of your clips. They click on any timeline and see the snippet of content they want.

We can see this feature will help your audience have great viewing hours without consuming too much of their time; this is extremely useful for busy people, especially if your clips are too long, 10 minutes or more. 

In addition, those who are hearing impaired can also somewhat understand your video by reading this list of times and descriptions on the screen. Support a lot for the process of advertising YouTube channel.

Advantages Of YouTube timestamp
YouTube timestamp enhancing user experience

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It can be said that YouTube timestamp is one of the essential features that any YouTuber should learn. It makes it easier for you to reach a demanding audience. They do not like to watch a video that is too long but prefers to watch some of the main content in it.

This will help viewers save time and increase the persuasion of your one-of-a-kind YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy the article and follow AdsCanHelp to learn more knowledge.

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